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Fright Fest

Fright Fest

Not interested in terror? Scroll with caution or click below to view the family friendly activities. See the Day Time Activities >

Haunted Attractions

Get your Fright Fest tickets now! Haunted Attractions pass is included with your Fright Fest ticket! General Park Admission not included.


Scare Zones

Watch your back! There could be a zombie, a witch, or something else that goes bump in the night.


Spooktacular Rides

When the sun goes down, the scare factor turns up. Experience chilling rides in the dark.

Haunted Attractions

Included in a Fright Fest Pass! Fright Fest is a separate ticketed event from general admission. *Additional Fees required for Big Top Terror

CarnEvil: Fresh Meat

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A traveling, backwoods carnival is in desperate need of performers, fresh meat for their circus of horrors...and the dinner table. The only way not to end up on the menu is to prove you too can be a real “cut up.” Sponsored by M&Ms

Sulfur City Society

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Rumors have long swirled about the decrepit prison where those looking to visit their loved ones soon discover horrifying experiments, a path to hidden catacombs, and the demonic truth. Sponsored by Twix

Midnight Mansion

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Mourning the death of his beloved wife, tortured Professor Silas Grimmlee, decides to dabble in the dark arts to raise her back from the dead, but also calls forth a menagerie of macabre monstrosities from the beyond, which now lie in wait for unsuspecting visitors to Grimmlee Mansion. Sponsored by Milky Way

Lost Souls

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The mob of misfits that call themselves the Lost Souls have been camping in the junkyard of Nightmare Hollow to help hide the massive tanks filled with blood of unsuspecting victims that keep them forever young and lethally beautiful. Sponsored by 3 Musketeers

*Big Top Terror

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Stories exist of a murderous clown that likes to make a show out of his victims and creeping up on them when they least expect it! On this audition, you will be ALONE in the darkness! Are you willing to play the part of the clown's next victim? *Additional Fees Required Sponsored by DOVE

Scare zones

Slasher Circus

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The circus is in town, and blood-splattered grins and cackling laughter do little to hide that these clowns are killer cannibals. Do your best to evade the sliders and chainsaws, or else you’ll end up on the menu.

Nightmare Hollow

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The seaside town of Nightmare Hollow has been overrun by grotesque creatures of the night and the souls of the damned.

Dead Man's Party

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Some of the corpses and creeps that have crawled out from the great beyond thanks to Professor Grimmlee’s meddling are throwing a party to die for. The only problem is that the living are crashing it.

Scare Zones

Included in a Fright Fest Pass! Fright Fest is a separate ticketed event from general admission.

Events & Shows

Included in a Fright Fest Pass! Fright Fest is a separate ticketed event from general admission.
*Additional Fees required for Maim’s R.I.P Lounge

Creepshow Freak Show

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Witness our creepy, freaky show that even ghouls are too scared to see! You never know what you will discover, located at our Discovery Theatre.

Maim's Bloodbath

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Maim's Bloodbath will harness the audience’s collective energy to fuel the power of the undead. Starting at 8:30pm Nightly Friday-Sunday, you will experience the mayhem of Maim!

*Maim's R.I.P Lounge

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The graveyard lounge everyone’s *dying* to get into! Exclusive to the undead, enjoy our coffin cocktails and reserve your graveyard plot. Your resting place awaits. *Additional Fees Required

Experience the best of Fright Fest

Haunted Attractions Pass is included in Fright Fest ticket.

Haunted Attractions Pass only needs to be purchased by Passholders who intend on experience our Haunted Attractions. Passholders have access to Fright Fest, but Haunted Attractions are not included without a separate ticket.

Experience the best of Fright Fest

Get your Haunted Attractions Pass for
access to premium
haunted houses.
If you dare.

Park admission required

Not a Pass Holder Yet? Buy a Pass or a Single Day Ticket >

Not a Pass Holder Yet? Buy a Pass or a Single Day Ticket >

A Warning for the Wary!

Recommended for Guests 13 and Over


Ghoul Rules

  • Halloween masks or full-face coverings, including hoods with front zippers, are not permitted and must be removed for safety reasons. Costume makeup is permitted for only half the face.
  • Please practice social distancing when possible and keep a safe distance from ghouls and other guests outside your party.
  • Please don’t scare the scare actors or other guests. No taunting, touching, following, or yelling.
  • Do not touch, remove, or damage props, scenery, webbing, or landscaping.
  • Violating the rules can result in ejection without a refund, up to and including arrest and prosecution.

Ghoul Rules

  • Midways and attractions may contain strobes, latex, fog, loud noises, and other affects.
  • For your saftey, guests are not permitted on stage or stage stairs.
  • Due to weather and other circumstances, attractions may be canceled, delayed, or changed without notice. Thank you for understanding.

Gram worthy grub

Goulish food for
every taste!

Goulish food
forevery taste!

When you’re not busy screaming, explore marvelously
delicious treats and dishes.
When you’re not busy screaming, explore marvelously delicious treats
and dishes.
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