Guest Relations

Guest Relations

We're here to answer questions, offer advice and hear your suggestions. Visit us at the Guest Relations kiosk at the Town Hall, and our helpful staff will be happy to assist you with lodging and park information.

Riders with any type of cast are limited to certain rides and attractions that include the Lazy River, Treehouse Island, Runaway River, Buccaneer Bay and Bahama Bobslide. Additional ride accessibility information is available at Guest Relations. White Water does not provide rental strollers. White Water does offer wheelchair rentals, but has limited quantities available. Wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please plan accordingly.

We strive to safely accommodate the needs of all guests including guests with disabilities. Safety and accessibility guidelines for certain rides and attractions have recently changed. Please view our Safety & Accessibility Guide for information regarding ride access, height and other physical restrictions, and Equal Access Passes. A copy of the guide is also available at Guest Relations.

There are no lost children at Six Flags White Water, only lost parents. If your child becomes separated from your group, contact the nearest host/hostess or security officer for assistance, or visit Guest Relations. Before entering the park, be sure to instruct children to contact a host or hostess for assistance, should their parents become lost. We also encourage you to establish a meeting place when you first arrive, just in case your group becomes separated. For example, separated groups could agree to meet at the Waterwheel located in the corner of the park next to Guest Relations.

Personal pages cannot be broadcast through the Park, but you can leave messages for other members of your party at Guest Relations.

Your safety is our top priority. All guests are required to pass through metal detectors and have their bags inspected. Inappropriate items should be left at home or in your car.

Providing a safe environment for your playtime is our primary concern during your visit with us today. Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather and its effect on park safety operations, Six Flags White Water has posted the following weather procedures for the knowledge of our Guests.

For Guest safety and the effectiveness of our lifeguard staff, ride operations may be suspended due to heavy rain or severe weather conditions. Ride operations will resume as soon as the weather clears and conditions are safe for playtime again.

If ride operations are suspended for more than one continuous hour due to weather, a rain check will be issued to Guests who:

  1. Have a receipt for today’s admission and
  2. Are exiting the park for the day

Sorry, but rain checks may not be issued after ride operations have resumed.

Our goal is to safely accommodate the needs of all Guests, including individuals with disabilities by providing equal access to rides and attractions.

Equal Access Passes are intended to accommodate Guests with mobility aides, service animals and legitimate disabilities that require alternative access to a ride. They are not designed to bypass or “skip” the lines and the wait will be equal to the posted wait times.

Individuals found to be fraudulently using the Equal Access Pass may be subject to civil penalties.

Six Flags White Water is happy to donate two park tickets per year to qualified non—profit organizations, in order to assist their fund—raising efforts.

Valid organizations

  • Non-profit groups
  • School groups raising funds for equipment or graduation events
  • Church/youth/scholarship programs
  • Organizations raising funds for other charities


  • Requests must be made at least 60 days before, and no more than four months ahead of the event
  • No telephone, email, or faxed requests will be accepted
  • All submissions and return addresses must be printed on organizational letterhead-no photocopies will be accepted
  • Must include non-profit ID number (if applicable), event date, purpose of event, and what the tickets and funds will be used for

No donations will be made to individuals, families, company employee events, class reunions, or proms. Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot confirm receipt of letters or provide status. Declined requests will not receive a response.

Mail requests to:
Attn: Six Flags Friends
Six Flags White Water
250 Cobb Parkway N #100
Marietta, GA 30062



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