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All-New Wahoo Racer Opens in May!

Don’t miss the debut of our brand new racing water slide, Wahoo Racer. This amazing new ride experience opens to the public on Saturday, May 21. You’ll want to be there when we open the gates and unveil this wild six-slide complex.

Wahoo Racer is the largest slide of its kind in the world. The colorful structure features six side-by-side lanes and stands 60 feet tall. It will be hard to miss the brightly colored twisted tubes towering over the park or when you drive along Interstate 75.

This new attraction combines a classic serpentine toboggan tube slide with a multi-style racing lane finish. Lying head-first, stomach-down on an aero-dynamically designed water toboggan, you’ll push off down the two-tiered course. With your other five competitors sliding right next to you, you’ll slip through curved enclosed tubing, sliding up the walls and around slick turns. You’ll then drop down a couple bumpy hills and shoot into the open-air racing lanes at speeds up to 40 feet per second.

Your mat is designed for maximum airtime as you slip over the drops and glide along the water. Each of the six tubes offers a unique experience with different twists and turns. Every ride will be different because you never know who will win the race!

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