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Typhoon Twister
Typhoon Twister

Typhoon Twister

Make a splash on the new slide at White Water

White Water is getting bigger, better, and wetter with more splashy excitement. This summer, feel the adrenaline rush and get soaked on our new water slide, Typhoon Twister!

You and three of your brave friends will load into a cloverleaf-shaped raft and prepare for an adrenaline-packed ride that’s sure to get you soaked. Your adventure starts with a plunge down a five-story-tall enclosed tunnel. You’ll slip and slide down 410 feet and spit back into the sunlight inside a large open bowl. The raft will spin and hurl around the 67-foot-wide base, sliding up the slippery walls of the bowl while churning water splashes up behind you. You’ll swirl around until you can’t see straight and you can’t tell when you’re going to stop. The raft will continue spinning until you whirl into a twisted corkscrew chute. Finally you will drop through the spiraling channel and make a big splash in the cool lagoon below you.

Typhoon Twister is the first water slide of its kind in the state. Head to the Activity Pool area of the park to get drenched and keep cool this summer.

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