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5 Things to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences and adventures

We want to help you build up your summertime bucket list full of adventure. This is your summer to break a world record, overcome a fear, and try something new. Here are some of the most amazing dreams and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities you can achieve at Six Flags White Water.

1) Try a brand new experience on Dive Bomber.
You can be one of the first to check Dive Bomber off your list. This record-breaking water slide is the tallest attraction ever built at the park and offers a new experience unlike any other. You’ll step inside an enclosed capsule and wait for the trap door to spring open beneath your feet, sending you free-falling straight down the slide.

2) Experience an authentic white water rafting adventure.
Perhaps one of the most common bucket list items is a daring white water river experience. Run-A-Way River gives you this adventure without having to leave Marietta. This wet and wild ride will simulate a true raging river as you raft through unpredictable tunnels, bank up sloped walls, slide through waterfalls, and get drenched with every wave.

3) Ride the ocean waves.
Get an ocean-like experience at Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool. The 700,000-gallon pool creates giant waves that simulate ocean surf up to four feet tall. Grab a tube and rise over each crest, or take it on freestyle, body-surfing with each wave.

4) Win a race.
Everyone dreams of being a champion, and you can do just that on 100-Meter Splash. This mat racing slide puts you up against five of your friends on a wet dash to the finish line. Riding flat on your stomach, you’ll race head-first down the lane, bobbing over hills and flying down airtime drops on your way to the splashy finish line.

5) Perfect your balance and coordination.
Practice your Olympic gymnastic skills at the park on Lilypad Crossing. These giant lily pads are just floating in the water, but with one step they swerve and dip wildly around. Balancing on just one is challenge enough, let alone making it all the way across.

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