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4 Signs You Need to Visit to the Park This Week

It’s time to plan your excitement for the week

Your week just won’t be complete without a visit to White Water. We’ve got everything you need to cure your longing for a good time, including exciting slides, refreshing pools, and plenty of sunshine. Here are five signs it’s time to plan a visit this week.

1. You need an adrenaline rush
It’s been a while since you’ve gotten that heart-racing, palm-sweating, stomach-dropping rush. If you’ve forgotten what it feels like, we’ll remind you. Give in to the excitement of Typhoon Twister calling your name. Top off your week with a swirl around Tornado. Dive down slick hills on Caribbean Plunge to take care of your adrenaline withdrawals.

2. You’re longing for a relaxing getaway
Enjoy your own tropical getaway with a float around the Little Hooch River. Grab a tube and let the current do all the work as you drift peacefully along the lazy river. For other relaxing thrills, splash around under the fountains in the Activity Pool or bounce with the waves in Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool. You won’t be able to cool off like this at home!

3. You want to get the ride of your life on Dive Bomber
There’s no better time to experience our tallest water slide. Make this the week to experience an unpredictable free-fall launch on Dive Bomber. It’s going to be your best ride ever.

4. You need to perfect your tan lines
Kick back with some shades and lounge poolside by the wave pool. Take in some rays and soak up the sunshine with a frozen lemonade in hand.


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