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Interview: White Water Lifeguard

Jade tells us about working at the best water park in Georgia

With slippery slides, splashy play areas, and lots of refreshingly cool water, Six Flags White Water is a great place to make a splash and stay cool this summer. We asked Jade, one of our lifeguards, what it’s like to work at the water park, and she told us it’s all about having fun and staying safe.

Becoming a Lifeguard
This is Jade’s third summer as a lifeguard at the park, and she says it’s “very rewarding.” She loves swimming and outdoor activities, so after enjoying her park experience for years as a guest, she decided it was her ideal place to work. To become a lifeguard at Six Flags, Jade completed a weekend of “useful” and “good experience” training. She explains that the trainings demonstrated their swimming qualifications and taught a series of water and CPR techniques. She tells us, “We had to learn how to respond effectively to any situation.” Jade also tells us that the lifeguards have monthly in-services to practice their trainings and stay on top of their game.

Fun in the Sun
Jade tells us that she enjoys working at the park because “the people are great and make me want to come back.” She says that guests visiting the park should “come looking to have a good time and try everything.” If you’re looking for a family-friendly ride, she recommends Bahama Bob Slide because up to six people can raft together. Families may also want to take it easy in Buccaneer Bay or The Little Hooch River. Jade says thrill seekers may enjoy free-falling nine stories down The Cliffhanger or racing down the 250-foot triple-drop Dragon’s Tail (her favorite ride).

Safety at the Park
Despite all the fun, being a lifeguard is a serious position. Jade admits that the most challenging part about her job is the “busy days – you don’t see the water, you just see guests. It puts your training to the test because you’re in charge of so many lives.” Jade admits that it takes a high amount of concentration to stay alert and try to keep track of everybody. She tells us that the lifeguards have to save at least one person almost every day, especially in the wave pool.

While you’re having fun and cooling off from the sun, it’s also important to stay safe. Jade says, “We work to make sure guests are having a good time, and we accomplish that through safety.” She always carries water, sunglasses, and hat to keep her protected from the sun. She recommends that guests stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and stay responsible by walking and taking extra care around slippery surfaces.

Jade and our other lifeguards are here to help you and are dedicated to making your White Water experience enjoyable, safe, and cool. What’s your favorite part of the water park?

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