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What You Need to Do at White Water Before Summer Ends

White Water is open until October 2!

We hope you've had the best summer ever -- but it doesn't have to be over yet. Be sure to tackle these awesome goals before the park closes on October 2.

Become a first-place champion
Wahoo Racer lets you compete against five of your friends in the hottest contest of the summer. Race head-first, stomach-down on six-lane course to the finish line. You’ll bob over hills and fly down airtime drops on your way to the splashy finish. Ride all summer until you come out in first place!

Learn to surf
The 700,000 gallon Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool lets you take on the ocean waves. You’ll find every size wave you need to become a pro, starting with the shallow ripples and working your way up to the four-foot crests. Rise with each wave in a raft or take it on free-style to body surf like the pros.

Drop down the tallest slide at the park
Dive Bomber was recognized as the Best New Water Slide of 2015. You could experience this record-breaking thrill as you free-fall down 10 stories. It’s the most nerve-wracking rush of the summer as you step inside an enclosed launch capsule and wait for the door to spring open beneath your feet.

Get dunked with 5,000 gallons of water
Tree House Island has hundreds of interactive water elements to explore. There are climbable platforms, spouting fountains, and twisty slides around every corner. The highlight is the giant 5,000 gallon bucket perched on top. This enormous pail fills up with water throughout the day and tips over when it’s full. Hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to be standing underneath when it dumps over.

Go river rafting
A favorite summertime activity is to go white water rafting– you can do this without leaving the park! Bahama Bob Slide takes you on an unpredictable float down the mountain river. You’ll splash across raging waves and twist around steep curves, getting soaked with every turn.

Face a fear of the dark
Navigate the unknown on Black River Falls. Race down slick open-topped drops before shooting into a pitch black tunnel. You’ll slide up the walls of every unknown turn, only guided by the tiny flickering lights. You don’t know what’s waiting for you at the end of your splash.

Take some time to relax
It’s summer vacation – you want to be sure to slow things down and relax a bit. Set adrift on the Little Hooch River and the current will do all the hard work. You’ll just float around the water park, winding through the trees and crossing under bridges. Grab a tube and lounge back as much as you want.

Brave a storm
It’s all sunny days but you can overcome the occasional storm at White Water. Swirl around with the raging waters of Tornado. You’ll swish around a huge funnel, sliding up the steep walls and sloshing around in the eye of the storm. Plus, whirl around a giant bowl like you’ve been picked up by the winds of Typhoon Twister. You’ll swirl around the 67-foot wide hollow bowl and shoot out a corkscrew bowl at the bottom.

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