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From thrilling coasters to rides for the kids, we’ve got them all listed here, for your convenience.

Coming in 2015!

Dive Bomber
Our tallest water slide debuts in 2015!
Minimum Height: 36"

Your super slick mat is built for speed racing, on a six-laned downhill fast-track to fun!

Activity Pool
Minimum Height: None

This watery play zone is made just for the smallest kids, with fountains and plenty of shallow water.

Minimum Height: None with adult

The phenomenal 700,000-gallon wave pool makes king-sized waves in an ocean of fun.

Bahama Bob Slide
Minimum Height: 36" with adult

It takes teamwork to pilot family-sized rafts down 600 feet of wide and curvy rapids!

Bermuda Triangle
Minimum Height: 42"

An open-topped tube plummets you into the unknown, as roaring curves drop you into a pitch black tunnel.

Minimum Height: 42"

Pitch black excitement awaits you on these 400-foot twisting descents into total liquid darkness.

Kids at Water Park
Minimum Height: None

A massive bay loaded with interactive fun is like a water park inside the park for little swashbucklers.

Captain Kid's Cove
Minimum Height: 36"

This mini-pirate’s watery playground is stocked with countless kid-sized wet contraptions.

Water Park Ride - Tube and Slide
Minimum Height: 42"

You and a friend take on the fastest drop in the entire park: 100 feet in three seconds flat.

Minimum Height: 48"

Dare to take on this 90-foot free fall straight down, and be your own hero.

Not Open Yet
Minimum Height: TBD

Coming in 2015 -- our tallest water slide -- Dive Bomber!

Minimum Height: 48"

Face the most fearsome monster in the park by hurling your body down steep 250-foot triple drop slides.

Gulf Coast Screamer
Minimum Height: 42"

A racingly fast, very slippery, high-walled open course delivers your tube to an epic airborne launch.

Lilypad Crossing
Minimum Height: None

Balance your way across a swervy set of lily pads floating in the pool. Webbed feet not required.

Little Hooch River
Minimum Height: None with adult

Kick back on a raft and float down a relaxing and scenic, tree-lined lazy river cruise.

Lizard's Tail
Minimum Height: 42"

You can think of these junior-sized, short but steep body slides as dragons-in-training.

Mutiny Chute
Minimum Height: 42"

Shoot like a cannonball down a short, high speed body slide, right into the Activity Pool.

Minimum Height: 36" with adult

Tunnel into total darkness down a 735 foot raging mountain river on jumbo-sized rafts.

Water Park Ride - Tube
Minimum Height: 42"

Brave the wild rapids of a raging downhill river, without the benefit of a boat!

Three-Slide Body Flume
Minimum Height: 42"

Choose your favorite slide in this three-slide complex: curvy, super-fast, or a mixture of both.

Minimum Height: 42"

Let these mellow-paced body slides remind you what great slides are all about.

Minimum Height: 48"

Raft down a 132-foot tunnel into the mouth of a gigantic funnel in the most original water thrill imaginable.

Tree House Island
Minimum Height: 36" for slides

Endless climbing and splashing opportunities abound in this four-story tropical tree house.

Typhoon Twister
Minimum Height: 48"

Barrel down a 5-story drop into a 67-foot wide bowl.



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