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Six Flags White Water
Six Flags White Water
Wahoo Racer


Are you ready to #ScreamWAHOO?

Wahoo Racer pits you against five of your friends in the most twisted race of your life! This 60-foot tall serpentine tube slide’s unique design allows you to enjoy two different adrenaline-charged experiences on one massive structure. With six different unique slides, you race down through the two-tier mat racer, head first, down an exhilarating, zigzagging and refreshing ride through colorful enclosed tubes before shooting them out into multi-styled racing lanes.

Wahoo Racer Facts

  • The tallest slide of its kind in the world 
  • A tower standing 60-feet and easily visible from Interstate 75 where the park is located
  • Speeds of up to 40 feet per seconds
  • Six aero-dynamic designed water toboggans for the ultimate competing thrill
  • Replaces the 100 Meter Splash
  • Combines a serpentine toboggan tube slide with a multi style racing lane epic finish
  • Adds six new slides to the Six Flags White Water world-class water slide lineup