Six Flags Weather Guarantee
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Weather Guarantee

Six Flags Weather Guarantee
Weather Guarantee -- How It Works

The Six Flags Weather Guarantee (for "Choose Your Day Tickets") basically says that: if you are unable to visit the park on the date you selected when you purchased your tickets because of poor weather, you may use your tickets to visit any other public operating day (at the park you bought tickets for) on or before December 31, 2018.

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Weather Guarantee 

What constitutes a "Bad Weather Day" ?

Certainly any days it rains or snows at the park is a bad weather day. But so are days when it is extremely cold. Different guests are going to have different tolerances for different types of weather, so we plan to be flexible.

How does the guarantee work?

Buy your tickets from our website using the calendar day pricing/ticket option (if you buy an any day ticket this policy doesn't apply to you, because you can visit any day you choose). In the event that you later decide that you cannot visit due to inclement weather, simply visit on a different day when the weather is better no later than December 31, 2018. Stop by the Guest Relations office and they will make sure that you are able to enter the park. It's that easy!

When must I visit by?

If you can't visit on your regularly planned date because of poor weather, you may use your tickets to visit any public operating day (at the park you purchased your tickets from) on or before December 31, 2018.

What happens to my tickets if I can't visit by December 31?

You must use your ticket to visit by December 31, or your tickets will permanently expire (just like they ordinarily would).

Who does this weather guarantee apply to?

It applies only to purchasers of admission tickets with pre-selected dates (usually referred to as "Choose Your Day Tickets").

It does not apply to Good Any Day Tickets, Season Passes, Group Tickets, or Memberships. That is because people with these types of tickets don't need a special guarantee to visit any day they choose.

I think it is too cold to visit the park, but it isn't raining or snowing. Does the guarantee apply to me?

Our team at Guest Relations has broad authority to allow you to use your tickets on any day that could reasonably characterized as "unpleasant." While it is unlikely that we would characterize a sunny, clear day that's 70 degrees as "unpleasant," we are open to consider any reasonable request. In all instances Guest Relations is the final judge of what constitutes a "unpleasant weather day."