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Six Flags St. Louis
Six Flags St. Louis
Missouri's Coaster Capital
A couple from out first HalloWedding!

HalloWedding 2017

Attend our Friday the 13th Scaremony! 

After receiving well over 1,700 submissions we have decided we'll instead have 13 weddings AND 13 renewals!! Our 26 couples have been notified.

Join us on Friday, October 13th and scare up some fun at Six Flags St. Louis with a marriage scaremony that will be uniting couples who vow to love, honor and cherish each other into the afterlife. 

The day will start with a professional zombie makeover; the couples will wear their own Halloween wedding attire or costume. Our zombified couples will then make their way to the Palace Gardens where the wedding ceremony will take place in front of their 13 attendees and park guests!

After the ceremony, the newlydeads will stagger to a private reception for cake and beverages. And, of course, a first coaster ride and a haunted wristband will be given so the couples can enjoy Fright Fest in all its gore!

What’s Included:

  • A FREE Halloween themed wedding at Six Flags!

  • Ghoulish makeup for both the bride and groom;

  • A flower bouquet and reception with wedding cake, soft drinks and snacks will be provided.

  • Enjoy your first ride as newlyweds!

  • Finally, one couple will be chosen to win a spooktacular grand prize.

Selected Couples:

  • Couples must wear Halloween costume/wedding attire that is park appropriate.

  • Free admission for up to 13 of your guests.

  • You must have official marriage license prior to ceremony.

  • The certificate will be signed after the ceremony by the officiator.

Park Guests:

Don't miss these spooktacular scaremonies!! Guests are encouraged to join in the festivities and when the park opens at 6 pm you too can witness this moment in the Palace Garden!

What do you think?

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