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Six Flags St. Louis
Six Flags St. Louis
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Entertainment Hiring Event

Hiring Events

Casting Call and Interviews on February 15 and 16!

We will be casting/hiring for our summer, Fright Fest, and Holiday in the Park seasons. Please see below for casting and job breakdowns for available roles.


Audition/Interview Times:

Saturday, February 15:

Singers: Registration 8:00am - 1:30pm, Auditions 9:00am – 2:30pm

Dancers: Registration 1:00pm - 2:00pm, Auditions 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Characters: Registration 12:00pm – 1:00pm, Auditions 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Technicians: Interviews 12:00pm – 4:00pm

*Those attending should check in at Human Resources

Sunday, February 16:

Callbacks: 9:00am – 12:00pm

*Be sure you are available to attend the call back date.


General Information

• Must be at least 16 years of age.

• Must provide their own transportation to and from the park.

• Availability for rehearsals/performances is mandatory

• Please bring up-to-date availability information through January 2, 2021 with you. Schedules will be based on this information.

• Performers should bring a non-returnable photo and resume to the audition.

• We strongly encourage performers from all cultural backgrounds to audition.


Who We Are Hiring:

Singers (16 or older):

Walkin-ins are welcome to attend. 

Please arrive an hour prior to your audition time to complete necessary paperwork. Signing up for an audition time will guarantee our production team will see you. Walk-ins are welcome but will only be seen if time permits. Singers must prepare two contrasting songs, under 1 minute each. Please start with your first choice. If we need to hear more, be prepared to sing your second selection. Please bring your own music in accordance with the following: backing track ONLY with no vocals, either on a CD or device with an AUX connection. Singers should be prepared to learn additional music or a movement combination. Also, be prepared to stay for the dancer open call after the singer open call. We may ask you to stay and learn a second dance combination depending on skill level.

Dancers (16 or older): Open Call—No Appointment
Dancers will be given a combination on-site by our choreographer and will be broken into groups depending on ability. Plan to stay for both dance calls. Please arrive an hour prior to the open dance call. If you are a dancer who sings, please attend the singer open call and notate that on your audition form.

Costumed Characters (16 or older) No Appointment Necessary
Our animated costumed characters bring children’s favorite cartoon characters to life. These roles require great guest interaction skills and performers should have basic movement skills. All applicants for Costumed Characters must be between 5'-2" and 6'-0".

Technicians (lighting, audio, and general, 17 or older) By Appointment Only—Please call: 636-938-5300 ext. 6370 or email [email protected]
Six Flags annually employs theater technicians with lighting, audio, and general specialties. Technicians are hired to operate and maintain shows and events in the theatrical venues at the park.  You must be able to work indoors and outdoors. Applicants should provide a résumé, cover letter and complete availability. A portfolio of your work is not required, but strongly recommended. 

Costume construction (seamstresses and tailors), wardrobe technicians and make-up artists (17 or older) By Appointment Only—Please call: 636-938-5300 ext. 6370
Six Flags hires various costume shop positions including seamstresses, tailors and general wardrobe technicians. Costume shop positions are available to build, maintain, repair and facilitate storage of park costumes. Interviews will be held on the audition dates, applicants should provide a résumé, cover letter and complete availability. A portfolio of your work is not required, but strongly recommended. 


Show Breakdowns:

2020 Summer Shows

The Joint is Jumpin’ - An ensemble of 5 men and 4 women bring the melodious tones of movies and musicals to life in this 25 minute show.

80s Rock - A high paced and energy charged 80s music rock show performed by our Joint is Jumpin’ cast. This 15 minute outside show requires versatile performers who can sing rock.

Keepin’ out of Mischief - This cast of 3 women and 3 men (including a live pianist) must bring comedic and vocal talent to this 30 minute saloon show.

What Makes You Country - This 15 minute show features contemporary country hits performed by our Miss Kitty’s Saloon cast.

Sound FX - This 20 minute high energy drum and dance show calls for a cast of 3 drummers and 2 dancers. Dancers need to be fluid in acro/hip hop/and street dancing.  Drummer auditions will be held on a separate date.

2020 Fright Fest Shows

Love at First Fright - Quickly becoming a Six Flags favorite, this 30 minute show features some of the most freakishly funny ghosts and ghouls under the control of an evil Witch! This show features a cast of 9 performers with a full storyline and specific characterizations.

Deadman’s Party - This 15 minute fast paced dance show brings out the darkest side of our Fright Fest shows. 7 advanced dancers create a dynamic dance show complete with acrobatics, state of the art lighting, gothic costumes, and an intense music soundtrack.

2020 Holiday in the Park Shows

The Majesty of Christmas - This blissful presentation re-enacts the Nativity and the story behind the celebration of Christmas. The elaborate manger setting features breathtaking vocal performances, a flying angel, and live animals including sheep, donkey, and a camel. Plays in the Palace Theatre.

Tinseltones - Three talented female singer/dancers celebrate the holidays with a nostalgic journey through music. With stunning choreography and incredible vocals, this high-energy performance brings the classics to life, featuring hits like “Sleigh Ride,” “I’ll Be home for Christmas,” and “All I want for Christmas is You.” Held at the Empire Theatre.

Christmas at Miss Kitty’s - Our saloon show gets a holiday twist! Join the Kitty's crew as they decorate the saloon while singin' and dancin' their way through country holiday hijinks. Plays in Miss Kitty's Saloon. The cast is comprised of three women and three men.

A Christmas Scarol - A silly puppet tells the classic story of A Christmas Carol in a modern way with the help of Mr. Scrooge. The cast is comprised of two actors.

Holiday Harmonies – Our caroling quartet who sings classic and contemporary Christmas music. All four singers must be strong vocalists.


For any questions please email, [email protected]

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Hiring Events

February 15-16

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