Want to find out what's happening at the park? From holidays to special events, it's all right here.

Group and Educational Events

Each season, we host many special group days and school events when we turn the park into a gigantic learning lab. See our group events tab below so you can plan your trip today.

Roller Coaster Race

May 1

The Roller Coaster Race is coming this Spring on May 1!

Events - Graduation - Seniors

Senior Day

April 19

Have a fun filled, EXCLUSIVE day with your Senior Class on April 19!

Physics, Math, and Science Day

Physics Day

April 22

Students may test their Physics knowledge, collect data and conduct experiments on select rides on April 22.

Band - Concert - Cellist and Violinist

Music Festival - Band

April 22,29 and 30

Six Flags Music Festival is open to elementary to high school bands April 22, 29 and 30.


April 23

Join us with Midwest Cheer and Dance Academy for this annual cheer and dance competition April 23!

Home School Day

Math, Science and Engineering Day

April 29

Come to Six Flags for a full day of education and fun April 29!


Music Festival - Choir

May 6,7 and 13

This festival is open to elementary to high school age men’s and women’s choirs May 6,7 and 13.

School Buses

Outdoor Classroom Days

May 6, 12, & 13

We invite you and your students out for a very unique way of learning May 6, 12, & 13.

Leadership Day – powered by Teen Truth

May 12

Leadership Day is a fun filled day that encourages leadership and positivity May 12.

Boy Scout Uniform and Flag

Scout Days

May 14 - 15

Bring the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in your family out for a fun filled day May 14 - 15.



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