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Six Flags St. Louis
Six Flags St. Louis
Missouri's Coaster Capital
Fright Fest Clowns on display during Fright Fest

2017 Haunted House and Scare Zone Lineup

Fright by Night begins each day at 6 p.m. Our scare zones and haunted houses feature scarier themes, more zombies, and new frights. Here’s a full list of the terror you can expect at Fright Fest 2017.

Haunted Houses – Haunted House Pass required.
Step inside one of our haunted houses to navigate dark rooms, creep around twisted hallways, and escape the wandering zombies.

  1. Night Terrors: Make your way through the black fog and meet the horrific creatures who haunt the night. Evil witches watch over the village and place a curse on all who come too close. Located in Studio Backlot.
  2. Blackout: Enter a pitch dark house and try to find your way out, relying only on the strange things you feel and the startling noises you hear around you. Located in Chouteau's Market.
  3. The Slaughter House: This bloody slaughter house is run by menacing butchers. Explore the horrific kitchens to find fresh human flesh and bones as the vengeful slaughterers chase you room to room. Located in Chouteau's Market
  4. Camp Killamore: Hollow-eyed, dead souls roam the pathways of this dark campground. You’ll come across desolate tents and ghostly figures lurking in the shadows. Located in Hurricane Harbor.
  5. Blind Fury: This twisted toy factory of horrors is filled with disorienting flickering lights, swinging doors, and mysterious moving floors. Try to escape the evil tricks and encounter sinister living toys with every step. Located in Gateway to the West.


Scare Zones – Free.
Take one wrong turn and you’ll end up in a section of the park filled with fog, strobes, and your worst nightmares.

  1. New! Sycophants: Venture into this freak show to encounter the chainsaw-wielding monsters. Two powerful fiends are determined to wreak havoc on Fright Fest and take down anyone who crosses in their way. Located in DC Comics Plaza.
  2. Gnawlins’ Hollow: Vicious cannibals are on the hunt for fresh flesh. Enter their bloody restaurant and meet the fanged creatures determined to rip your skin from your bones. Located in 1904 World's Fair.
  3. Vengeful Trolls: Hideous trolls have taken over this area of the park. The mutant beings with pointed ears and sharp teeth long to make you their next snack. Located in 1904 World's Fair.
  4. Zombieville: This section of the park is teeming with brain-eating zombies. Fight your way through the apocalypse while mobs of the walking dead try to infect new victims and find new brain to feast on. Located in Illinois Section.
  5. Sinister Clowns:  Maniacal clowns hang around outside the venue, entertaining and luring unsuspecting audiences in with their silly clown costumes and zany humor. But once inside, they go out of their way to end their fun—and often their lives.
  6. New! Butcher's Block: Don't get caught in pig maze or you may end up on the butcher's block. 
  7. Minions of the Scare-O-Jack: Scare-O-Jack rules the front mall as his minions lurk about looking for unsuspecting recruits.

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