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Six Flags St. Louis
Six Flags St. Louis
Missouri's Coaster Capital
Opening Weekend Six Flags

What's New at the Park in 2019

We're just beginning our most exciting year yet! To celebrate, we're introducing more thrills than ever before with new rides, new foods, and new games throughout the park. Here are only a few of the newest experiences at Six Flags St. Louis in 2019.

New Spinning Thrill Ride
This summer we're debuting a new spinning ride experience. SUPERGIRL will feature a giant wheel that lifts, spins, and tilts on its side all at the same time. With your feet dangling below, the circular disk will spin at high speed and then lift you up to seven stories in the air, tilting to a near-vertical angle.

New Asian Cuisine
Our exciting new dining location will offer traditional Asian favorites. Chop Six serves up orange chicken, beef & broccoli, spicy chicken, teriyaki chicken, and veggie stir fry. You can also enjoy sides and snacks like steamed white rice, fried rice, Chow Mein, egg rolls, cream cheese rangoon, and fortune cookies.

Sweet New Treats
Your sweet tooth will be happier than ever with our new confectionary treats around the park. Keep cool this summer with our new Kryptonite Ice Cream flavor. We'll also debut a build-your-own funnel cake sundae at Funnel Cake Factory to load up on your favorite toppings. Other new treats include gooey butter cake, cheesecake, and soda floats.

More Chances to Win a Prize
We're giving you more chances to take home a prize with the introduction of new games. Step right up to play one of our Mystery Bag games and you're guaranteed to take home what's inside your bag - which could be a cape, hat, or plush! You'll also win every time at our new Pick A Duck game, where every duck earns a prize. Plus, test your aim and let off some steam at our new axe throwing game, Bury the Hatchet.

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