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Six Flags St. Louis
Six Flags St. Louis
Missouri's Coaster Capital

Ticket Donations

Six Flags St. Louis will begin accepting 2019 donation requests on Friday, March 1. 

Note: We no longer accept donation requests via mail. Only requests submitted via the donation request form on this page will be considered. 

For your reference, here are our general ticket donation guidelines. 

We're happy to donate park tickets to qualified non-profit organizations in St. Louis, in order to assist their fundraising efforts. Our policy is as follows - we will donate 2 one-day passes to qualifying non-profit organizations raising money for a charitable cause within a 250 mile radius of the park.

The tickets themselves must be used to raise money and may not be used as a prize or incentive.

The Requirements: 

  • Requests must be made at least 3-4 weeks prior to the scheduled event.
  • Requests must include a non-profit ID number, event date, event website address, purpose of event and what the tickets and funds will be used for. Requests without a 501c3 number are not eligible.
  • Requests that are faxed, mailed or called in will not be considered.
  • Requests must be made using the online form.
  • Examples of organizations that are not eligible include: third-party fundraisers, elementary schools, company events, fundraising for an individual.
  • Mailed donation requests sent to the Park will not be accepted. All requests must be made online and all form fields must be filled out for consideration.


** If your request is approved, your tickets will be mailed. However, due to the high volume of requests, we cannot confirm receipt of request or provide status. Declined requests will not receive a response.