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Six Flags St. Louis
Six Flags St. Louis
Missouri's Coaster Capital

Oddball's FunHouse

Something odd is going on...

There have been reports of strange lights in the sky, bizarre music in the air, and an overwhelming smell of cotton candy. Several reports have been filed of children and loved ones gone missing. You join a search party to look for your friends and find out what is going on. After entering the FunHouse, you find a survivor muttering to himself “the clowns are trying to eat me.” Has he lost his mind? Pushing on, your party discovers a huge circus tent. Where did it come from? Entering the structure, you discover a maze of bizarre rooms that seem to be torn from other worlds. The door slams shut behind everyone and laughter fills the air. What lies ahead? If you're lucky, you'll make it out alive.

Blood thirsty demons are awaiting your arrival!

The streets have been invaded by vampires. In the late 1840’s, a coven was aboard a ship from Romania to escape total extinction. The ship wrecked, leaving the small coven trapped in an eternal slumber. After being discovered by explorers and woken from their deep sleep, the coven has a thirst for blood… and revenge. With a hate for the human race, these monsters will stop at nothing to get their reckoning. You’ll be able to spot these creatures in their traditional Gothic Romanian attire. Muster up some courage and enter the Vampires Lair - if you dare...

What do you think?

Oddball's FunHouse
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