The Boss

Thank the terrain for the land’s top wooden coaster.

There is a reason The Boss is one of the top coasters at Six Flags St. Louis. After the first 150-foot drop, you’ll tunnel right through the middle of the incredible structure and then blaze a super-fast 65 miles per hour up the next lift. Right about now you’re starting to realize this isn’t your standard wooden coaster; this is a modern adrenaline machine of the highest order.

One of the things that makes it so innovative is right under your feet: the ground. This coaster is known as a “terrain twister” because it incorporates the natural topography of the land it’s built on into the architecture of the ride. You’ll rise and fall with the earth itself, giving the whole experience an utterly organic feel. More than ever, you’ll feel like a bird coursing over the peaks and valleys of the planet—except this bird is taking on a series of drops ranging from a whopping 72 feet at the lowest, all the way up to 150 feet. On this magnificent master of all things wooden, all the drops are big! So hold on tight because you’ll also feel the terrain on the ground-hugging curves and overwhelming 570 degree helix.

The final never-ending curve will take you to your limits of exhilaration and beyond. The classic construction, combined with a modern understanding of aerodynamics, both join in a natural partnership with the land itself, giving you a feeling of total freedom, combined with total power. You just feel unstoppable on this ride—you feel like the boss of all things wild.


By The Numbers

5,051 feet
Max Speed
66 mph
125 feet
Max Drop
150 feet
3 minutes
Spring 2000
Custom Coasters International, Inc.
Key Features
Four drops (150'/112'/103'/72'); helix/570-degree spiral; series of rabbit hops; 6 crossovers; numerous 52-degree high-banked turns

What Our Guests Say

  • "FAST, exciting ride... you feel a zero-G in the back car. Excellent wooden coaster!"
    - Ra Brown
  • "This was my first time riding the "Boss" and I was pleasantly surprised at the level of intensity of this ride. I love the speed, twists, and turns. You never know where you're going, and then BOOM there is a steep hill. It was fantastic!"
    - Nichole S From House Springs, Mo
  • "When I rode the BOSS for the 1st time, it was so fast and fun I laughed like a lunatic the entire time. I had such a great ride!"
    - Jane A. From St. Louis
  • "This is the best wooden roller coaster in the Midwest. From the first drop, to the fun, snaky hills-- this ride is "The Boss"."
    - Melissa P
  • "The two teenagers that sat across from me, as well as my adjacent six year old son said it was an awesome experience. We enjoyed the length of The Boss ride-- in addition to the number of dips and turns experienced during our journey"
    - Muriel C. From St. Louis, Mo

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