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What is The Marine World Experience?

For a limited time, the clock is being rolled back to 1986, when the park first opened its gates in Vallejo as a premier zoological park and aquarium. Nostalgia makes its return as The Marine World Experience, a celebration of the park’s 34-year legacy of both educational and thrilling wildlife adventures. This is ahead of the eventual return of the world-class rides at a later date.

Guests can explore their wild side by visiting the park’s current famous resident, Cain and the rest of the lion cub pride with daily educational sessions at Cain’s Lion Cub Island. Other unique offerings will include new scheduled talks with the animal care specialists throughout the day along with various animal demonstrations in outdoor venues that are sanitized and marked for social distancing. Many of the animals in the park’s care will be available for guests to meet in new ways and locations throughout the park, which will allow for even more exclusive interactions.