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What are you doing for Regular and Gold Members?

Regular and Gold Members who haven’t already received a free, permanent upgrade to Gold Plus will receive a free upgrade to Gold Plus if they continue to make their monthly payments until after Six Flags reopens in the spring (or March 2 if the park is open year round or if the park opens prior to March 2).

First and foremost, you will receive one “free” month of Membership for each month Six Flags was closed during the original 2020 Season, rounded up to the nearest month. These months will be added to the end of your Membership. Any Membership add-ons you own and are paying for will also be extended.

With your free, permanent upgrade to Gold Plus Membership, you’ll get:

  • Season Parking
  • Admission to ALL Six Flags theme parks and outdoor waterparks
  • Membership Rewards with 1,000 starter bonus points
  • 20% off most candy and merchandise
  • 25% discount on drink bottles
  • Everyday discounts on food, friend tickets, and more
  • Exclusive Member activities and events
  • See the full list on our website!

Just to be clear: this upgrade is permanent — for as long as you remain a Member.

You do NOT need to take any special action to receive these benefits — your account will automatically be upgraded next spring when Six Flags reopens (or March 2, 2021, whichever is later)