10 Tips to Make Your Visit Easier

We want your visit to Hurricane Harbor to be exciting and effortless. To make your day as easy as possible, we've compiled a list of our savviest tips to make sure the only thing you are worried about is what coaster to ride next.

  1. Take a picture of your parking spot. Park near a light pole or recognizable object, if possible, and take a photo of the sign closest to your car. After a long day you may not remember where you parked, but you can just scroll back through the photos you’ve taken that day and find your car quickly.
  2. Put your personal items in a Ziploc bag. Putting your phone, camera, spending money, and other belongings in a clear, plastic bag will make them easy to carry, quick to scan at security, and stay dry after throwing them in a bag with your wet towel.
  3. Work the park from back to front. Most guests head straight to the rides they see when they first enter the park. If you skip those and head right to the back of the park, you’ll beat the rush before most people make their way there. As a bonus, you’ll be right near the front gate when it’s time to go home.
  4. Arrive half an hour before the park opens. Instead of arriving right at the posted opening time, allow for plenty of time to get through the entrance plaza, park the car, apply sunscreen, buy your tickets, and get up to the front gate. Arrive early and you’ll be right up front when the gates open!
  5. Provide contact information for your children. Put your emergency contact information on a waterproof wristband on your child in case he or she wanders off to explore. You should also point out our team members in blue and visit the Lost Parents center if you get separated.
  6. Plan meeting spots for your group. When visiting the park with a large group, designate meeting times and locations to check in for lunch, reconvene when it’s time to go, or just meet up if you get separated. Pinpoint easy-to-find landmarks, like the front gate or the Tornado that can be seen from virtually anywhere in the park.
  7. Visit by yourself. If you can’t find anyone to come with you, make the most of your alone time at the park. When you come solo, you can plan the day at your own pace. You decide what to ride and when to eat, and you won’t have to wait for others to catch up.
  8. Pack a change of clothes. Bring some dry clothes to change into for the car ride home. Rent a locker to store your extra clothes during the day.
  9. Eat your meals at non-traditional dining hours. Eat lunch and dinner a little earlier or later than the normal time. You’ll spend less time waiting for food or looking for a table, and you’ll be out riding while everyone else is eating.
  10. Rent a locker. Keep your hands free for funnel cakes and store your dry clothes for the entire day! Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the front of the park.
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