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6 Live Shows You Can’t Miss This Summer

The hottest summertime entertainment is at Six Flags Over Texas. We're premiering six custom-designed shows this summer, featuring a brand new water parade, new music, stunning visual effects, updated choreography, and the best local talent.

New! SPLASH Water Parade
We're premiering a brand new super-soaking street parade. Seven interactive parade floats and a cast armed with water guns will stroll through the streets of the park, dousing spectators with hundreds of gallons of water. Dancers, splashers, and a fun summer soundtrack will make this the wettest and wildest parade of the season! Runs twice a day, July 13-August 11.

Hey Mr. DJ… Technicolor Beat
Music, lasers, and visual effects blend together to create a Vegas-style experience. Rock out to music like "Hot Stuff," "River Deep," "Shallow," and more, while custom-designed technicolor lighting, lasers, and special visual effects fill the theater with choreographed precision. A group of lively dancers in elaborate costumes light up the dance floor and help create an over-the-top light, sound, and dance extravaganza. Runs through August 11 at the David Blackburn Southern Palace.

Miss Ruby’s Wild West Cabaret
This Six Flags Over Texas original show stars our saloon girls and dancing cowboys. Join our dancers as they celebrate old western swing hits of past and present, featuring songs like "Wild Wild West," "Ricochet Romance," "Poker Face," and more. Plays through August 11 at The Crazy Horse Saloon.

Texas Justice: Western Comedy Gunfight Show
Our comedic gunfight show is back with more wild antics! This action-packed Wild West show features impressive stunts, slapstick comedy, silly gags, and quick wit. Plays through September 2 at the Texas Court House Stage. Weather permitting.

Six Flags Karaoke
Be a part of the live entertainment at the park! Step up in front of the microphone and sing along as the lyrics bounce across the screen. There are over 1,200 songs to select, from the '70s through today's biggest chart-toppers. Available through September 22 at the GOTHAM CITY Stage.

Looney Tunes Hip Hop Bash
Join your favorite Looney Tunes characters for the biggest dance party! Your favorite characters and high-energy hosts sing along to family-friendly party tunes and show you the moves to the Cupid Shuffle and the Wobble. Take your turn in the spotlight! Plays through September 22 in Bugs Bunny Boomtown.

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