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Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington, Texas
Taking Photos - Sylvester, Guest, and Camera

How to Take Memorable Park Photos

Great advice to capture your best moments of the day

Six Flags Over Texas is filled with iconic landmarks and fun experiences that make memorable photos. Before you pose and say cheese, you want to make sure your photo will turn out right. Follow these guidelines to catch the most exciting experiences on camera.

1. Choose a great location with noticeable landmarks.
What’s your favorite ride at the park? Have your group put on their best coaster face and pose in front of the ride’s sign so you’ll have that fun moment to remember your favorite ride. Other significant backdrops include the park entrance, our Silver Star Carousel twinkling in the background or the Oil Derrick standing tall behind you.

2. Approach the characters.
If you see the Looney Tunes characters wandering around the park, don’t be afraid to go up and pose for a photo. You can also stop by the character stages at select times during the day to enjoy a one-on-one meet and greet and photo op. If you want a little creativity, the characters will play along with you. Give a high five to Bugs Bunny, shake your tail feather with Road Runner, or give a big hug to Tweety.

3. Get close to your target.
Don’t worry about taking large panoramic pictures of your group. If you’re taking a photo of a person or landmark, you’ll want to be as close as possible to focus the picture and get all the details. It also eliminates the chance of clutter and background distractions that would take away from your photo.

4. Keep shooting until it’s perfect.
You have the entire day, so don’t rush your picture-perfect moment. If you know it’s a photo you’ll want to keep, check the picture to make sure it’s right before moving on. Keep trying until everyone looks good, the lighting is right, the picture is not blurry, and it turns out just the way you want it.

5. Have fun and capture reactions.
To make your photo as memorable as possible, have a little fun with it. Strike a silly pose that captures your personality or thoughts for the day. If you see a character heading your way, you don’t have to necessarily point the camera at them – instead, turn it towards your children and snap their candid expressions as they meet their favorite character. Additionally, some of our rides are equipped with cameras to capture that priceless expression of fear or fun while on the ride. Ride several times to figure out which moment the camera flashes, and then purchase your ride photo for a keepsake souvenir.

What do you take pictures of during your visit?

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