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Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington, Texas
Fright Fest ghouls performing on stage

5 Wicked Monster Shows at the Park This Fall

Our Fright Fest shows will leave you howling for more. This fall we have five killer live performances that feature the best in Halloween music, bone-rattling choreography, and wicked talented monsters. Check the Monstertainment guide or mobile app for show times on the day you visit.

1. New! Goblin Attack Squad: This group of sliders makes their way through the streets of the park. Without warning, they’ll surround you and slide right in front of you blocking your path. Your only escape is to watch their electrifying performance full of athletic tricks. At the GOTHAM CITY Stage.

2. The Awakening: This song and dance spectacular kicks off the nighttime chills. We gather all the monsters of the night and showcase them before your eyes. When the music ends, the creatures are set free to run to their territories. At the Silver Star Carousel Stage.

3. Welcome to Arania’s Nightmare: Our classic show is back! After her first 13 husbands all mysteriously disappeared, the Black Widow Bride is on a manhunt for her 14th unlucky mate. Her team of ghouls comically searches for the next soul. At The David Blackburn Southern Palace.

4. Dead Man’s Party Presents: Zombie A-Rock-Alypse: Our zombies rock out in the hottest Halloween party of the season. Join the zombies to sing along to blaring beats, groove along with dramatic dancing, and beware of sinister spells in the dark. At the Silver Star Carousel Stage and GOTHAM CITY Stage.

5. WBAT Fright Time The Final Challenge: The Fright Fest Radio crew hosts interactive contests. Three brave contestants will compete in freaky games for the chance to win spooktacular prizes. At the Silver Star Carousel Stage.

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