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Education Days

Take your classroom to new heights!

April 26, May 3, May 10*, May 16, May 17, May 23 and May 24, 2024

Education Days at Six Flags offer knowledge and fun in one sweet deal. Students will explore math, science, and physics by observing (and RIDING) the mechanics of world-class coasters, thrill rides and more. With discount admission, meal packages and workbooks, we’ve got everything you need to inspire the next generation of scientists. 

Grab your spot before anyone else. Kick back, relax and take credit for the best field trip ever!

*May 10th is a private event, park is closed to the general public and is only open to school groups. 



Available free for download! Workbooks are available and can help you to structure your visit with problems that coincide with various rides throughout the park. Our Physics Day workbooks are geared more towards older students while the Math & Science workbooks are better for younger visitors. 

Data Collection

There are several different smart phone apps that may help in data collection and analysis while in the park. Suggested apps are Physics Toolbox by Vieyra Software, and another is phyphox by TWTH Aachen University

Physics Toolbox has a rollercoaster mode built in, and phyphox can create an experiment by combining the altitude and accelerometer sensors. This will only work for phones that have a barometer. Some phones do not have this sensor. If using a smart phone, it must be stored in a secure pocket for the entire duration of the ride. Devices may not be held in hand. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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