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Six Flags Over Georgia Roller Coaster Thrill Guide

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Riding the Skies: Know Your Roller Coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia

Welcome to The Thrill Capital of the South! At Six Flags Over Georgia, we take our roller coasters very seriously. If you’re looking for steep drops, wild turns and more inversions than you can count, you’ve come to the right place!

This blog will serve as your ultimate guide to the incredible thrills that await you just west of Atlanta.

Each Six Flags Over Georgia roller coaster offers its own unique and thrilling experience. Let’s break down the different categories of coasters and share a little bit about different ride experiences.

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Wooden Roller Coasters

These coasters are known for their classic and traditional feel. They feature stunning wooden architecture, steep drops and tight turns. Straightforward lap restraints give you the freedom to raise your hands and scream as you sail over every hill.

The Great American Scream Machine 

This historic wooden coaster has been designated as a national roller coaster landmark, and it’s easy to see why! The red, white and blue track is the perfect complement to the stunning white architecture. Too bad you won’t have much time to admire the view! You’ll feel weightless with every rise and fall of this majestic beast.

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Hybrid Roller Coasters

Hybrid roller coasters combine elements of both steel and wooden roller coasters, offering a unique and thrilling ride experience. These coasters typically feature a steel track supported by a wooden structure, blending the smoothness of steel with the classic feel and aesthetic of wood. 

Twisted Cyclone 

Twisted Cyclone combines a traditional wooden structure with a steel track for the ultimate adrenaline rush. You’ll take a ten-story dive and a reverse cobra roll from a one-of-a-kind coaster train, modeled after a classic 1960s sports car.

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Steel Roller Coasters

Steel coasters offer a smooth and dynamic ride. These rides not only feature steep drops but also make it possible to do loops, corkscrews and all kinds of inversions.

Within the steel coaster category, you’ll find floorless, stand-up, and inverted coasters (on which riders hang beneath the track in suspended seats). How you ride these coasters can totally change the ride experience! It’s one thing to go upside down, seated comfortably; it’s quite another to do it lying down or standing up!

THE RIDDLER Mindbender 

Descend into madness on this triple-looping steel roller coaster. Don’t think—just hang on tight! The green-and-purple track will catapult you through a 45-degree sideways loop at 50 miles per hour before it’s all over.

BATMAN™: The Ride 

Soar freely through the skyline of GOTHAM CITY and get ready to experience the sensation of being the Caped Crusader!

On this gravity-defying journey, you’ll be suspended beneath the track for an unparalleled experience that amplifies the sensation of flight. 

Blue Hawk  

With each lap around the track, this Six Flags roller coaster honors our nation’s heroes with its special military theme. The sleek blue steel track does loops, twists and turns with the same precision as the jet it’s named after.

SUPERMAN™: Ultimate Flight 

Experience the freedom of flight on this one-of-a-kind coaster!  You’ll ride the way Superman flies: face down and head first. Soar through a ten-story drop, a heart-pounding helix and a mind-bending, 360-degree in-line roll on this steel giant.

Georgia Scorcher 

This extreme roller coaster ride packs the power of a fireball! You’ll plunge down a 100-foot drop, rocket through an 81-foot vertical loop and warp 270 degrees in a DNA helix—all while standing up!

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Hypercoasters are in a class of their own! Featuring a smooth steel track, these coasters must reach a staggering elevation of more than 200 feet to qualify for this category of epic proportions. Hypercoasters offer long, steep drops and maximum airtime! 


There are giants, and then there’s Goliath—a hypercoaster that’s sure to strike fear in even the most seasoned roller coaster enthusiasts. This monster takes fun to hair-raising heights with 200 feet of elevation, two mega drops and 4Gs of madness.

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Dive Coasters

If you’re after a heart-pounding experience, a dive coaster is for you! These intense roller coasters offer maximum theme park adrenaline. As the name suggests, dive coasters feature a vertical drop, often at a 90-degree angle. This creates a moment of suspense as you hang at the top before plunging straight down! 

Dare Devil Dive 
Gather your courage for this steel showstopper. While most coasters start with a climbing hill, Dare Devil Dive pulls you straight up 95 feet of vertical track. You’ll then round the top of the spike and free-fall, all while curling back under the lift!

Multidimensional Coasters

These incredible coasters push the limits of what’s possible by incorporating rotating seats or tilting track elements. The result is a dynamic and unpredictable ride experience—your ride could be totally different simply based on which seat you take!

Ultra Surf 

Prepare for something totally rad! This brand-new coaster will make a splash in the 2024 summer season. It combines breathtaking heights, spinning seats and a stunning water feature for the ultimate ride experience! You’ll reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour as you jet between the ride’s towering peaks.


Family-friendly Coasters

A family-friendly coaster is a roller coaster designed to be suitable for riders of all ages. These coasters typically feature moderate speeds, gentle drops and smooth turns for a thrilling yet accessible ride experience. Family-friendly coasters often have lower height restrictions, allowing younger riders to enjoy the attraction with a grown-up. 

KID FLASH™ Cosmic Coaster 

This twin-tracked roller coaster features an innovative single-rail track and an inclusive train design for comfortable seating for kiddos and grown-ups alike. You can race your friends or family to the finish with two trains on parallel dueling tracks! Colorful LED lighting turns the track into a kaleidoscope of fun for guests 36 inches and taller. 

KID FLASH™ Cosmic Coaster is Georgia’s first single-rail coaster and only racing coaster! Conquer this coaster and you’ll earn bragging rights.  

Dahlonega Mine Train 

Travel back to the days of the Georgia gold rush, when intrepid prospectors ventured into the mountains in search of fortune. Now, you can join the adventure aboard The Dahlonega Mine Train, a classic roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia since 1967. Experience the thrill of diving into hill-hugging curves and soaring through the countryside at 35 miles per hour. This family favorite offers a wild but mild ride for guests 42 inches and up.

Find Your Favorite!

What coaster category is your favorite? There’s only one way to find out! Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a first-time rider, you have everything you need to know to maximize your fun on these thrill rides.

Start planning your visit today! Grab your single-day tickets and season passes here!

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