Season Dining Pass FAQs

We know you have questions about Six Flags, and we love answering them! Here are some of the questions we are asked most frequently. If you don't see your answer here, feel free to call us at 770-739-3400. For questions about your online ticket order, call 407-261-4290.

General Dining Pass Questions  

What is a Season Dining Pass?

The Six Flags Season Dining Pass is Season Pass (or Thrill Pass) add-on that allows you to pay one price upfront to receive lunch and dinner at the park every time you visit for an entire season. Each Six Flags park participating in the program offers a variety of different meals which may be picked up from any of several different in-park restaurants.

Why did Six Flags introduce the Season Dining Pass?

We listen very carefully to our Season Pass Holders. One of their requests was for a value-based dining plan that would make it easy for them to eat at the park every time they visited. Parents were also looking for a way they could ensure that their kids could eat without having to leave them with cash or credit cards. We think that the Season Dining Pass program helps solves both problems.

Is the Season Dining Pass a good value for me?

It really depends on how often you visit the park and whether or not you like to eat one or more meals each time you visit. On average, we've found that the Season Dining Pass is a great value for anyone who uses the park to visit at least four times over the course of the season. The overall feedback we have received from guests who used the program last year is that they saved a lot of money compared to what they spent at the park before they got a dining pass. Individual results will vary.

What's the catch?

We don't think there is one. We tried to keep the rules straightforward: (1) you get lunch and dinner each time you visit; (2) you can visit as many times as you want; (3) you cannot loan your Season Dining Pass to anyone else. There are no tricks, no hidden caveats. The whole purpose of the program was to make give you a better experience at the park. We certainly don't want to trick you.

You're not going to cut me off if I visit 50 times?

Nope. Whether you use your Season Dining Pass five times or fifty times is totally up to you. We are glad to have you visit as many times as you want!

Purchasing a Dining Pass  

I'm not a Season Pass Holder. Can I buy a Season Dining Pass?

Not at this time. Only Season Pass Holders and Thrill Pass Holders may buy Season Dining Passes.

I get really hungry. Can I buy two Season Dining Passes?

Not at this time. While this may be a feature we roll out in the future, for now only one Dining Pass per Pass Holder.

What do I do after I purchase the Season Dining Pass online?

The first step is to print out the voucher(s) at home. You will receive one voucher for each Season Dining Pass purchased. On your first visit to the park, you will need to go to the Pass Processing Center to process that voucher. If you have already processed your 2014 Season Pass, the Pass Processing Center will add the Dining feature to your Season Pass ID. If you have not processed your 2014 Season Pass, the Pass Processing Center will process your Season Pass and Season Dining Pass at the same time.

Using Your Dining Pass  

How do I redeem my meals?

When you scan your Season Pass ID at the turnstiles to enter the park, your meals for the day will automatically be added to your Season Pass card. If you arrive before 3:30 p.m., then both lunch and dinner will be added. If you arrive after 3:30 p.m., only dinner will be added. As you're enjoying the park, you simply stop by one of the participating dining locations and present your Season Pass ID when placing your order for lunch or dinner. The Six Flags Team Member will verify the photo on the Season Pass and serve you your meal. If you wish to order any additional items, you'll pay for them at that time.

Can anyone use my Dining Pass Voucher?

No, vouchers are non-transferable. The dining pass is only available to the Pass Holder who purchased the Season Dining Pass.

I have a Membership. Can I still use my Season Dining Pass if I cancel my Membership in the middle of the season?

Think of a Dining Pass as an add-on to a particular Membership or Season Pass. When the Membership your Dining Pass is attached to is deactivated (for any reason) then the Dining Pass will also be deactivated. So, if you cancel your Membership before your Dining Pass expires you will no longer be able to eat meals in the park.



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