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Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

9 Things to Do for Opening Weekend

Don't miss the start of our best season yet

You don’t want to miss the start of our new season on March 12 and 13. To make sure you’re fully prepared for the fun, plan your visit ahead of time. Follow these nine simple steps before you leave the house for Opening Weekend, presented by Allegra®.

Buy your tickets online.
Buy your admission tickets online before you head out to get the best deals. Print your tickets at home or store them on your phone and you’ll save time at the park – just head straight to the front gate to get in quickly and start playing.

Review our park map.
We know you became a pro at navigating the park last summer, but you may need a quick refresher before we open. Pinpoint all your favorite attractions and work out a game plan for the day so you know what to tackle first. When you arrive, you’ll waste no time and be able to head straight there.

Follow us on social media.
Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@sfovergeorgia), and Instagram (@sixflagsovergeorgia) for all the latest updates about Opening Weekend. We’ll tell you everything you need to know and keep you posted with the latest announcements and special offers.

Purchase your Season Pass in advance.
We’re offering an incredible deal when you buy your Season Passes online now. Purchase four or more Season Passes for just $61.99 each and you’ll get a free upgrade to a Combo Pass, which includes admission to White Water, plus one free Season Parking Pass. Be sure to visit on Opening Weekend (or any time before April 10) to pick up your Pass card at the park to receive this special offer.

Practice riding your favorite coaster at home.
Watch one of our exclusive point of view ride videos to help you prepare for a ride on your favorite coaster. You’ll virtually experience all the drops and twists like you’re actually there. Work back up to that gut-wrenching feeling in your stomach and you’ll handle it with ease when you arrive.

Gather your necessities.
Have your essentials ready to go so you can easily grab them on the way out. Set your most comfortable walking shoes by the door because you’ll need to put those on before you leave. Pack up a bottle of sunscreen, sunglasses, and your camera and you’re all set.

Get plenty of sleep.
You’ll probably be too excited to sleep anyway, but try to get some rest the night before you visit. You’ll need enough energy to spend the entire day at the park with ease. You can ride coasters in your dreams to better prepare yourself.

Tell all your friends where you’ll be.
Be sure to tell loved ones you’ll be unreachable because you’re too busy riding coasters. Better yet, invite them all to come with you so they don’t miss out on all of the fun. Pass Holders can even bring a buddy with them on Opening Weekend for just $14.99.

Pull out your cape.
That BATMAN or SUPERMAN cape has been hanging in your closet for months now. It’s finally time to take it out again in preparation for the big day. Wear it around for a few days to recharge your super powers. Be sure to bring it to the park with you!

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