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Six Flags Over Georgia
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Six Ways to Prepare for Your Visit to Fright Fest

How to enjoy your visit to the park

Before you leave the house, be sure to create a game plan for the day – you’ll be more carefree and spend less time making decisions at the park. These tips will help guide you through the planning process so you can have the best – and most frightening – experience possible.

1. Check our park hours so you know when to take the kids home – they taste fresher to the monsters.
Our hours vary daily, so be sure to plan accordingly to make sure you have plenty of time to experience everything you want to do. Arrive early in the day to participate in family-friendly Thrills by Day activities and ride all your favorite coasters and stick around after dark to enjoy all the haunted attractions and frightening fun. Fright by Night is not recommended for children, so be sure to take them home to avoid nightmares. You should also pick up a show schedule at the front gate so you can plan accordingly not to miss any of our frightening shows.

2. Review our park map – plan out the best escape routes.
Our park map is available online and at the front gate so you can figure out the best ways to get around the park. Figure out which rides you want to do – and do those first – and determine the quickest route to get from ride to ride. You should also make note of where all our haunted attractions and scare zones are, so you’ll spend less time wandering around. You can also find back ways to go if you want to avoid the scary areas.

3. Pack light – it’s harder to get away if you’re carrying a heavy bag.
Bring only the necessities to the park: sunscreen, sunglasses, a camera, a light sweater for cool evenings and comfortable walking shoes. Pack everything in a small bag or store your belongings in a rented locker during the day. It’s much harder to get away from our zombies if you’re lugging around a heavy bag. We also recommend bringing a buddy to hold onto and grip with fear when you get startled, although our monsters prefer to strike when no one else is around.

4. Buy your tickets and haunts online – spend more time screaming and less time waiting around.
Park tickets, haunted house passes, meal vouchers and more services are available for purchase on our website. Not only will you receive the best deals online, but you’ll also save time when you arrive. Print your tickets in advance and head straight to the front gate.

5. Expect to be scared and follow our guidelines – screaming attracts the monsters.
Whether the screams are coming from our roller coasters, haunted houses or those being eaten by zombies, shrieks will echo through the night. Before boarding a ride, entering a scare zone or walking through a haunted house, please read our regulations and consider your health – some of our attractions may not be suitable for the faint of heart. You should also know that screaming really only attracts our monsters – the louder you scream, the more they will taunt you.

6. Costumes are not permitted for adults – leave the scares to the zombies.
Children 12 and under are invited to wear their Halloween costumes to the park so they can collect treats from the Looney Tunes characters. Face paint is allowed, but masks are prohibited. Be sure your child is dressed comfortably and doesn’t have any parts that may restrict from riding rides.

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