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Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

2019 Haunted House and Scare Zone Lineup

If you find yourself wandering the park after dark, you'll find 11 unique ways to be scared. Our haunted houses, scare zones and shows are scarier and more entertaining than ever before, featuring new themes, more zombies, and louder screams.

Haunted Houses – Haunted House Pass required.
Step inside one of our haunted houses to navigate dark rooms, creep around twisted hallways, and escape the wandering zombies.

  1. New! Piggy's Blood Shed: Deranged butchers run the halls of this bloody butcher shop. Navigate through rooms to uncover raw organs and the secret behind the fresh human meat.
  2. Alien Abduction: With 6,000 square feet of terror, it’s our biggest maze ever! This out-of-this-world experience is filled with flashing UFOs, mutant alien creatures, and space monsters from another dimension.
  3. Madeline Mendoza’s Casa de Muerte: This mysterious manor is filled with secrets of black magic. Explore each room to meet the creatures of the Day of the Dead and uncover their evil schemes. Located in USA section.
  4. ZX-1: Hollow-eyed, dead souls roam the hallways of this isolation camp in search of new brains to feast on. Located in the Gotham City section.
  5. Camp Slasher: This abandoned campsite has been overrun by cannibalistic murderers. Wander through bloodstained tents, old picnic tables, and haunted cabins to escape the horrendous creatures of the woods. Located at the Rabun Gap Train Station.


Scare Zones – Free.
Take one wrong turn and you’ll end up in a section of the park filled with fog, strobes, and your worst nightmares.

  1. New! Junkyard Dogs: Make your way down the foggy path and meet an evil pack of dogs. Slobbering beasts, unchained dogs, and cruising sliders rev up the fear throughout the night. Located near the Crystal Pistol.
  2. New! Seeds of Samhain: Giant scarecrows have taken over this haunted corn field. Explore the rotting pumpkins and dry crops as satanic straw men creep up behind you, ready to make you the next stuffed keeper.
  3. New! Dismantled: This scare zone is teeming with flesh-eating freaks. Mutilated monsters lurk in the shadows in search of their next victim.
  4. The Bunker: Mutilated science experiments have escaped the laboratory and are out for revenge. The half-human beasts roam through the streets of the park ready to prey on anyone who steps in their way.
  5. Promenade Theatre: Walk down the blood-red carpet to relive your favorite horror movies. Undead ushers guide you through terrifying theatrical trailers as you meet the world’s worst film villains.
  6. Mariner’s Cove: Corrupt pirates are on the hunt for souls who come too close to their treasure. Pass by their crashed ship and make your way through quickly before they push you off the plank.


Shows – Free.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Nothing provides more lasting memories than a great show...

  1. Bad Bob the Bone Butcher: The Wild West is starting to look gloomy, but that wont stop this comedic duo from saving the day!
  2. Demonatrix Unleashed: Leather, whips and chains can’t contain this tribe of evil girls looking for a party.
  3. Dr. Fright's Dead Man's Party: You have been invited to the party to end all parties! At this social gathering, there is no escape!


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