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Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

New Rides Now Open

Time to ride our new looping coaster and spinning ride

Our new attractions now open to the public! 

Once inside the area, it’ll be hard to choose which one to go on first. On THE JOKER Chaos Coaster, you’ll board a unique train sitting face-to-face with the other riders. You’ll begin to sway back and forth pendulum style along the sides of the circular track, soaring up one side of the loop and dropping back down the other. Before you know it, you’ll be hanging upside down 72 feet in the air and twist completely around the inside of the loop, completing rotation after rotation. Without warning, you’ll suddenly change directions and race around the loop in reverse.

On Harley Quinn Spinsanity, your view of the world will get twisted and warped as it blurs by. Seated atop a rotating platform, your individual car has the ability to spin at will. As the entire platform spins, your car will twirl around independently at all different directions and speeds. After you’re feeling nice and dizzy, challenge other riders to see who can stand up and walk the straightest line.

We know you’ve been waiting since we announced it in 2014, so don’t miss your chance to experience our highly-anticipated THE JOKER Chaos Coaster and Harley Quinn Spinsanity.

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