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Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia
Fright Fest ghouls performing on stage

4 Wicked Monster Shows at the Park This Fall

This fall, we’re hosting the wildest monster mashes and creepiest freak shows this side of the grave. Our killer Halloween shows are hotter and scarier than ever before with new howling music, updated bone-shaking choreography, and more wicked special effects. Check the Six Flags mobile app for up-to-date show times on the day you visit.

1. New! Demonatrix Unleashed: Devious divas rattle their chains and crack their whips to the beat of sinful rock music. The smell of fresh leather lures you in, but the dark music and lethal choreography will hypnotize you into a submissive trap. At the Dare Devil Dive Stage.

2. The Uprising: This song and dance spectacular kicks off the nighttime chills. We gather all the monsters of the night and showcase them before your eyes. When the music ends, the creatures are set free to run to their territories. At the Dare Devil Dive Stage.

3. Dr. Fright’s Dead Man’s Party: Our ghoulish gang rocks out in the hottest Halloween party of the season. Join the zombies to sing along to blaring beats, groove along with dramatic dancing, and beware of sinister spells in the dark. At the Crystal Pistol.

4. Bad Bob the Bone Butcher: Head to the Wild West to enjoy a frightfully funny battle of good vs. evil. Our innocent sheriff and deputy face off against the terrifying Bad Bob. These comical cowboys perform slapstick antics, silly gags, and hilarious one-liners to try to lock up the bandit and keep you safe again. Located in Lickskillet.

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