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Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

16 Unforgettable Fright Fest Attractions

A lineup of our haunted houses and scare zones

This year’s Fright by Night lineup brings new characters, scarier themes, and more screams than ever before. In our creepy scare zones and terrorizing haunted houses, you’ll come face-to-face with some of your worst fears come to life. Purchase an All Attractions Pass so you don’t miss out on any of the frightful attractions. #NothingScarier

1. NEW! Dark Harvest – Free.
Enter this corn field but beware of the mutants lurking in the shadows. The evil scarecrows and half-pig, half-human creatures hope to trap and torture you in the fields forever.

2. NEW! Battleground – Free.
Step through this zone and you’ll cross right in the middle of a bloody battle. It’s monsters vs. demons and you’ll want to get out of there as soon as you can.

3. NEW! Salem Witch Hunt, presented by DOVE – Free.
This scare zone is teeming with demonic witches. Try not to make eye contact with their blistered green faces or you may be the next human sacrifice.

4. NEW! Lost Souls, presented by SNICKERS – Free.
Heartless ghosts run wild through the streets. They roam aimlessly, stalking new victims and stealing their lives as they make their way across the area.

5. NEW! Gotham City Zombies – Free.
Take a walk through Gotham City and you’ll enter a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by brain-eating zombies. These hollow-eyed creatures are in search of their next unlucky victim.

6. NEW! Fear Riders – Free.
We dare you to explore this town of horrors, where motorcycle vampires, junk yard dogs, and gangs of vicious vampire bikers haunt the streets. Run for your life because their bloodstained fangs are out on the prowl.

7. NEW! Southern Cemetery – Free.
Dare to enter this haunted graveyard and every step may be your last. Creep through tombstones while undead ghosts and cold grave diggers follow your every move.

8. NEW! Big Top Terror – Free.
Dozens of maniacal clowns are eager to give you the fright of your life. These evil jokesters and sinister circus freaks will follow you, taunt you, and terrorize you in this twisted carnival.

9. NEW! Subterrestrial – Free.
Horrific monsters have risen from the sewers and taken over a section of the park. If you happen to cross their paths, you’ll need to run through quickly to avoid being sucked into the underground.

10. NEW! The Mourning – Free.
Enter this terrifying funeral parlor and you’ll be stalked by the vengeful spirits who run the place. Evil morticians and ghastly ghosts lurk in the shadows ready to strike.

11. NEW! The Uprising, presented by M&M’S – Free.
The zombies have escaped and taken over the town. Cross their army and you may become the next lifeless creature of the undead, as our monsters are released into the night.

12. NEW! Dr. Fright’s Frightorium 3-D – Additional fee required.
Enter this laboratory full of murderous madmen and you may not make it out alive. You’ll get up close to dismembered body parts, bloody workshops, and haunting scientists that you’ll wish you never met. If navigating a confusing zombie-filled maze isn’t creepy enough, we’ve added disorienting 3D effects to make it even harder to escape.

13. NEW! Bayou Bloodlust – Additional fee required.
This deadly swampland is owned by cold-hearted voodoo practitioners. As you explore haunted hallways and dreadful dead ends, the swamp creatures and marsh monsters will be waiting for you around every corner.

14. Terror Train, presented by göt2b – Additional fee required.
Hop on the haunted train and take an unforgettable ride to the outskirts of Bloodtown. Traverse the abandoned ghost town and you’ll come face to face with some of your worst fears and the murderous villagers who hide out in the eerie shadows.

15. The Last Ride, presented by TWIX – Additional fee required.
Experience the horrifying sensation of being buried alive. This coffin simulator will give you a glimpse of what’s waiting for you after death.

16. ZX-1 – Additional fee required.
The zombies have escaped their camps and infected thousands with their brain-eating disease. We’re warning you not to enter the refugee camps because you’ll likely be infected with the deadly terrors that live inside.

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