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Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia
DC Super Friends

DC Super Friends Opens on May 28!

Be the first to ride our new kids rides

Don’t miss the debut of the world’s first ever DC Super Friends area. This new section opens to the public on Saturday, May 28! You’ll want to be there when we open the gates and unveil five brand new ride experiences for families.

Be one of the first people to experience this highly-anticipated area of the park. Season Pass Holders and Members will get early ride access on May 27.

SUPERMAN Tower of Power
Rise to the top of the world like the Man of Steel on this bouncing drop ride. Tykes will lift up 65 feet, gently drop back down, and repeat for a springy ride up and down the tower with their capes blowing in the wind.

It’s easier to save the city of GOTHAM when you can see it from above. Load into your own super-cool helicopter with the caped crusader and soar through the sky. You’ll lift off the ground and fly around in a circle, making your rounds to check for crime.

WONDER WOMAN Flight School
All Super Heroes in training need to learn how to fly. WONDER WOMAN is teaching junior pilots how to fly their own invisible jet. Take to the skies and swing around the central tower like you’re caught in her whirling lasso, controlling how high or low to soar.

Step into this arcade of thrills and you may never find your way out. The devious HARLEY QUINN has prepared several games for you to challenge your entire family - and even brought in a few of her favorite disproportional fun mirrors to add to the excitement.

THE JOKER Funhouse Coaster
The maniacal villain will take you on a wild ride! This twisted coaster curves around 900 feet of track at 30 miles per hour. You’ll encounter cunning twists and tricky drops to help introduce junior Super Heroes to the fearless world of coasters.

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