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Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

Exposed: Becoming a Ghoul

How we turn our humans into terrifying monsters

Brave souls may dare to cross into our themed scare zones, filled with haunted characters waiting to frighten you. With outrageous costumes, complex makeup, and surprising movements, these actors go through a Ghoul School training process to learn how to give you the biggest fright of your life.

At the end of summer, we held Fright Fest auditions to find the most horrifying scare actors we could find. We searched for actors who were energetic, playful, and talented. During the audition process, we tested participants’ zombie abilities. They had to demonstrate their darkest and coldest stares, display their most intimidating scream, present their speaking accents, walk like a rugged member of the undead, and show off any specialty or creepy talents. After a careful selection process, we narrowed it down to the best performers and brought them to Ghoul School.

During the zombie rehearsals, we taught our actors how to make you freeze in your tracks and scream like you’ve never screamed before. They toured the park to seek out the best hiding spots, including waiting around sharp corners, blending in with landscaping, and creeping under the darkest areas of the park. We then taught them what to do when an unsuspecting victim arrives. Some actors may pop out right in front of you, while others will slowly sneak up behind you and shadow you across the zone. Be aware of the sly monsters that will pose as still props, and then make a sudden alarming movement when you stop by.

Ghoul School also involves learning the rules of interacting with guests. Our ghouls thrive off the screams of guests – the louder you scream, the more they will taunt you. Their goal is to give you the most fearful experience possible as you wander across the scare zone or through the haunted house. They will also interact with you based on how you react to them, giving each guest a personal experience. While our actors will do everything they can to frighten you, they will never touch you, and we ask the same of you in return. Also note that if you feel too uncomfortable, please ask our ghoul to kindly back away and he or she will find another victim to terrorize.

Another part of becoming a ghoul is looking like a ferocious monster. Our ghouls go through a complex costume and makeup process. When they arrive at the park for a day of work, we transform them into creepy creatures using heavy makeup, including colored faces, disguised prosthetics, bloody lesions, colored contacts, sharp teeth, and creepy details that make you squirm. They are also fitted for detailed costumes that fit their character, like rugged zombie attire, bright clown outfits, and bloodstained demon clothing. The entire visual transformation process takes an average of 45 minutes, and then they’re released into the park to inspire fear.

How do you react to our ghouls?

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