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Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

8 Steps for Swift Entry

8 Steps for Swift Entry

1. Print tickets ahead of time. When you print your tickets at home before you go to the park, you can skip the ticket booths and head straight to the front gate. Plus, you can save money when you buy your tickets in advance, because online tickets are only $39.99 when you buy at least 7 days before your visit. If you have a Season Pass, make sure your friends have their tickets in advance so you don’t have to wait at the ticket booth with them.

2. Be ready. When you arrive at the front gate, make sure you have your Season Pass or tickets out and ready to show to the attendant so you don’t have to fumble around and spend time looking for it.

3. Arrive early. When you arrive at the park just after opening, you can be one of the first people to step into the park, and therefore one of the first ones on your favorite coaster. Plus, the earlier you arrive, the closer you can park to the front gate.

4. Pack light. You have to step through our security checkpoint before entering the park. If you leave your bags in the car or carry just a light, small bag, it will be much faster to search your belongings and send you on your way.

5. Take advantage of the Discover Cardmember Entrance. As you approach the main entrance during the first two hours after the park opens, look for the orange carpet and head straight for the Discover Cardmember Entrance to get to the fun even faster. All you have to do is just flash your Discover card along with your tickets or Season Pass and off you go.

6. Put all loose belongings in one small clear bag. Contain your loose change, cell phone, wallet, and other small pocket items and put them all into one clear Ziploc bag. It will be easier to hand over to park security as you walk through the metal detector—instead of clearing your pockets out individually—and easier to see all your belongings at the bag check. As a bonus, everything will stay dry during water rides.

7. Review the dress code before you visit. Review park policies, including the dress code, before you visit. Clothing with inappropriate words will not be allowed into the park. Also be mindful of belts, steel toe boots, and heavy jewelry that may set off a metal detector. Dress appropriately and you won’t have to struggle with your clothing at the front gate.

8. Buy a Gold Pass. The quickest way to enter the park would be to purchase a Gold Pass. Gold Pass Holders always get to enter the park minutes before other guests, so they can get a head start on the day and be the first to ride their favorite rides.

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