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The RIDDLER Mindbender – Coming Soon!

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Gotham City

How many loops does it take to make you scream? Are you ready to find out?

In fact, many fearless heroes have pondered this riddle before you, on this triple-looping 50 mile-per-hour steel roller coaster. This classic looper has been shocking riders for more than three decades but will give riders a new twist!



Once you haul up 80 feet in the sky, get ready to drop seven stories on your way to blasting through the first of RIDDLER’s Mindbender’s famous loops. Don’t try to think your way through these, just hang on. Once you surface, you’ll rocket up a soaring hill and face beautiful curves that just carve through the sky.


And how are you going to be held in your seat during all this? Well, firstly, the forces of gravity will keep you nice and snug. But Mind Bender is one of the few looping roller coasters to employ only a lap bar. That means you’ll feel free as a bird as you are hurled around this 3,200-foot slick track.


RIDDLER’s Mindbender sneaks in a hardcore 45-degree turn, which is a de facto sideways loop. Then you’re swooping through the trees for yet another vertical loop. What’s that sound? Oh, you’re screaming. I think we have an answer.

Ride Info

Gotham City

By the Numbers

50 mph
80 ft
3200 ft
2 min 33 sec
Anton Schwarzkopf