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Georgia Surfer

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A first-of-its-kind Ultra Surf coaster is coming to Six Flags Over Georgia this summer!

The Thrill Capital of the South is preparing a summer debut of the first-of-its-kind, industry-
revolutionizing Georgia Surfer attraction, featuring the ultimate combination of a roller coaster with
unique water attraction features.

This coaster might look simple—but looks can be deceiving. Prepare to coast back and forth along nearly
590 feet of U-shaped track, reaching speeds of up to 60 miles per hour as you hit the ride’s 144-foot
peak before splashing down in a scenic splashing pad.

Alternative Vehicle Design: Strap into one of the most unique ride vehicles you’ve ever seen, featuring
free-spinning seats in two outward-facing circles atop a massive board that travels the thrilling course.
The ergonomically shaped train seats with the over-the-shoulder-lap-bar ensures maximum freedom,
comfort and safety. The robust design of the seats ensures that no two ride experiences are the same.

Dynamic Weightlessness and Airtime Experiences: Packed with weightlessness and airtime experiences,
Georgia Surfer features three weightlessness airtime moments and four different airtime spins on this
iconic structure. With a powerful LSM launch system accelerating riders 60 miles per hour until gravity takes over. This ride provides unmatched weightless airtime to create an experience you don’t want to miss.

Interactive Water Features: Passengers will soar backwards and forwards experiencing four water interaction effects, including a vertical wave wall and low cutting splash combination, an elevated
experience for both riders and spectators. Riders will speed through a water vortex tunnel creating a
captivating water curtain. Offering a panoramic view, spectators are sure to join in the excitement of the
water experience and picturesque presence. While this coaster features refreshing splash moments,
during the cooler months it can be disabled, allowing for year-long thrills.
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Ride Info


By the Numbers

60 mph

144 ft

590 ft



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