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International Team Information

We hope that you find this information helpful and informative. If you have any additional questions that are not answered by the information provided above please do not hesititate to contact us. It is better to ask before you arrive as often times options become limited once you are here.

Once again welcome to the Six Flags New England team and we look forward to your arrival.

Social Security Administration 
Health Information 
Dress Code and Grooming Standards 
Local Banking
Travel Documents
General Park Contact Information
Helpful Tips
Rewards and Recognition
Exclusive Events and Excursions


Upon arrival, you will need to pay a $200 USD deposit, which may be returned to you at the end of your stay. Return of deposit is pending a final inspection of your apartment. A weekly non-refundable rent deduction of $90 USD will automatically be deducted from your paycheck.

Your housing will be at the Morgan Square Apartments, located only 5 miles from Six Flags New England.
The housing arrangement for you will either be in a community apartment complex in Springfield, MA or at the Red Roof Inn in Enfield, CT. In Springfield each apartment will accommodate 2-4 people. At the Red Roof Inn each room will accommodate 2 individuals. Each complex will have a bathroom and appliances. Both complexes come with basic furnishings such as beds and chairs. Utilities are provided by the buildings.

Regular housekeeping inspections will be performed by a Six Flags New England Representative. Inspectors will look at the general condition of floors, appliances and furniture as well as the cleanliness of kitchen, bathroom, and proper disposal of trash and laundry. There will be a final inspection upon departure.


Please make sure to communicate your arrival itinerary to us. Six Flags will arrange for one of our representatives to meet you and transport you to your housing. Any questions about your arrival in New England should be directed to [email protected].

For Work
Transportation arrangements will shuttle workers from your housing to Six Flags daily for work. Transportation is provided by a certified school bus 3-4 times daily and 5-7 days per week.

For Recreation
The weather around Springfield, MA during the summer is extremely hot, dry, and sunny. The average temperature is 34°C during the day and 14°C during the night. Please bring sunscreen with you to work everyday. Bring your bathing suit for visits to Six Flags New England Hurricane Harbor and for trips to the beach on your days off. Also bring some nice clothes to visit the cities of New York and Boston on your days off, where there is excellent shopping, art, nightlife, and world famous attractions.


You will be able to purchase groceries and toiletries at Wal-Mart, Target or our local grocery store. Weekly trips to these places will be provided through Six Flags New England Transportation.


This is NOT required for you to start work. However, you must have your Social Security Number and present this to Six Flags within 14 days from the date of your job processing, or you may be suspended from your employment.


Your Sponsor Agency will provide you with medical insurance information before your departure to the United States. It is very important that you remember to bring this information with you. If you need medical attention during your stay, we will assist you in finding a doctor or facility that accepts your medical insurance.


Six Flags New England will provide the uniform to their Team Members. Employees must initially pay for their uniforms; however, uniforms can be returned for a full refund at the end of their employment. All employees must wear solid white or black shoes to work everyday.


Six Flags New England will assist you in setting up a bank account while in New England with
Bank of America. We will also assist you in setting up direct deposit which will allow your paycheck to be automatically deposited into your bank account. Having direct deposit allows you quicker access to your money, and is convenient that your paycheck is automatically deposited for you.


Check with your local agency for information regarding required travel documents.


The weather around Springfield, MA during the summer is extremely hot, dry, and sunny. The average temperature is 34°C during the day and 14°C during the night. Please bring sunscreen with you to work everyday.


For more information about Six Flags New England, you can go to:

If you have questions prior to your arrival, email [email protected] and [email protected] we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


New England can get very warm. You should pack for warm weather and outdoor activities. Bring a light jacket for the occasional cool night during the Spring.

How to Make Telephone Calls in the USA
Emergencies requiring the police, the fire department or medical assistance can be reported from any telephone including cell phones.

Dial: 911. This is normally a free call from any pay telephone. That means no coins or credit cards are needed. In most parts of the USA, the emergency response center will immediately know your location without being told. US telephone numbers are typically 10 digits long and consist of a 3-digit area code, and a 7-digit number. When dialing a number outside the local area code, you must first dial a "1". The area code for New England is 413.

Example: long-distance calls – dial a “1” and the area code “413” and the number 259-5589.

Making International Calls from the USA
To place an international call, dial: 011 + country code + city code + number. Calls to Canada, Puerto Rico, and some Caribbean countries can be completed without the additional prefix or country code. They are the same as any other long distance call placed within the USA. Dial: "1" + area code + number.

Finding a Telephone Number in the USA
Directory assistance is useful in finding telephone numbers. This automated response system communicates in both English and Spanish and is accessible when using any type of telephone including cellular. You may be charged up to $1 for this service. Simply dial: 411 to request local and long-distance numbers, and 1-800-555-1212 to request a toll-free number.

The Internet now provides easy access to telephone listings throughout the USA. You can use Yahoo People Search at this web site: http://phone.people.yahoo.com or several other free telephone directories on the Internet. You will have a telephone in your apartment. This phone is set for local calls only. You will need a calling card to place a long-distance or international call.

Electrical Power
The electrical outlets in the United States run on 110V 60Hz power, which is different from many other places in the world. If you have brought any items with you that require electricity, the power cords you have may not fit into the outlets in your apartment. In this case you may need to purchase outlet adapters for your equipment. These adapters can be purchased at many retail stores in New England. Never try to force a plug into an outlet if it does not fit!


What makes coming to Six Flags a fantastic experience for our Guest? A day of fun and thrill is right at the top of the list. Enjoying their fun in the great environment is equally as important. Our Red Dot Rewards Program recognizes Team Members who make a day at Six Flags even better by delivering Friendly, Clean, Fast, Safe Service to our Guests.

Your extra effort makes a huge difference in the success of our parks. Every time you take that extra step to help a Guest, clean up, for assist a child who is lost, a Park Leader may recognize you with a Red Dot Card, which you can use to redeem for prizes. Get more Red Dots, and you get more rewards.


Exclusive Events
Six Flags New England hosts several exclusive events for Six Flags employees to enjoy. These events include food, games, roller coasters and shows. Our most popular event is our waterpark beach party.

Six Flags New England will host regular sightseeing excursions for our international team. Those trips include visiting places such a New York City, and Boston, MA.

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