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Kids riding in miniature jeeps.

Wild Wheelz

Did you ever want to pack your belongings and go on a jungle adventure? Well now you can on Wild Wheelz, located in Kidzopolis. Children and parents alike will not want to miss out exploring the jungle together on this interactive car ride. Warning: We do ask you do not feed the animals along your trip on Wild Wheelz.

Up to two riders can pick out their favorite jungle themed car, and take off on this off-road adventure. You will be the one behind the wheel as you are actually doing the steering, but a small guide rail will keep you on track throughout your entire journey. You’ll drive through the jungle and you never know when things can get wild out here in the woods. Be sure to wave hello to the other drivers you pass, as they too are on an adventure of a lifetime. Be sure to keep your eyes open during the tour as you never know the entertaining animals you will see. Everything is always lush and green here in the jungle, and this road trip excursion is fun for the entire family.