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Wicked Cyclone: New Hybrid Coaster in 2015

Park introducing innovative new experience

Wicked Cyclone will make its debut at Six Flags New England in summer 2015. This new hybrid coaster is the next generation of wooden coasters, offering an all-new adrenaline rush with plenty of anticipation and gut-wrenching thrills.

Our classic wooden coaster, Cyclone, will return with a new twist, featuring a state-of-the-art sleek track atop a wooden base. Wicked Cyclone will be the first hybrid roller coaster on the East Coast. This technological innovation will combine the classic thrills of a wooden structure, with a new modern track and rails constructed out of steel, providing a ride that’s faster and smoother than ever before. The latest in ride technology allows for ride experiences never before possible on wooden coasters.

Wicked Cyclone will offer an all-new adventure across 3,320 feet of track. Riders will elevate up the 109-foot lift hill and conquer a heart-racing plunge downward at an unbelievable 55 miles per hour. As you dive down the hill, you’ll get a sensation of weightlessness as Wicked Cyclone delivers more airtime than any other coaster in New England.

The coaster’s unique construction will also make it the first coaster of its kind to have a 200-degree stall and two twisting Zero G Rolls.

Wicked Cyclone will join our lineup of world-class attractions to bring you more thrills and new twists in 2015.

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