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Undead Alley

The fight for immortality is going to cost you your life.

In the 13th year of this millennium, 13 decades after the death of a beloved nobleman, there was a shift in the winds. Clouds of eerie green gathered overhead. The earth shook wildly causing coffins to start rising in the North End of the park.

Suddenly, a crack of thunder echoed throughout the land and one sole coffin shot up from the ground into the air with beams of light behind it. When it landed, a hand slowly emerged and Mayor Slayer rose to reclaim his seat. The Mayor then gracefully called forth the Necromancer beast, who immediately got to work freeing more corpses from their slumber.

The growing army of zombies started roaming about as Mayor Slayer ventured into the park to oversee the rest of Fright Fest, ensuring his hellish spawn were keeping all the guests entertained in hopes they will join him in immortality.

In the meantime, Undead Alley hosts the Zombies who are freshly unearthed, and hungry. Some are quite nimble, while some are still learning to walk again. The Necromancer oversees their activity and may add a few new victims to the army of undead.

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Undead Alley
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

North End

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