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Tweety’s Clubhouse

Everyone's Invited to Tweety's House.

Tweety’s living the sweet life, up in the trees, far out of that sneaky cat Sylvester’s reach. But everyone knows that a cat can pounce and bounce all over the place, and now’s your chance to leap and dive with your favorite big cat!

Take a seat and pounce with silly Sylvester all the way to the top of a 20-foot tall tree. No matter how high he jumps, he’ll never reach Tweety’s cool pink birdhouse, but no matter how many times he misses, you know he’ll keep on trying! So up and down you go, bouncing down in a wobbly, jiggly ride. But never too fast, as this tower drop is definitely for the younger birdies. You’ll jounce and flounce in fits and starts, drop down, then glide back up, then back down—this silly cat can’t keep track! You may not purr but you’ll definitely have a laugh attack!

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54" maximum



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