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The Forgotten Laboratory

Voted #13 in Genetics and Bioengineering Research

Once a prestigious institution in medical research, this long-forgotten facility deep within Wicked Woods has seen its fair share of tragedy. Some years ago an "accident" of sorts occurred after a bioengineered being turned on some of the lab's research assistants. Throats were slit, bones were broken and bodies strung up throughout the halls. It was a grisly affair, to say the least.

Eventually, the facility was shut down due to the fact that their "experiment" has gone both wrong and missing. Now, years later, a group of hikers on an overnight excursion stumbled upon the abandoned lab.

"Shall we?" Said Mark, the lead hiker, as he gestured to what resembled the entrance. The hikers talked amongst themselves, some shook their heads in excitement, others were a little more hesitant. "Oh come on!" He mocked. "It'll only be a few minutes."

"You won't even last that long," said Sara. She was the only hiker who absolutely would not go inside.

"Oh yeah?" Mark playfully taunted, "we'll all prove you wrong."

So, their curiosity got the best of all but one of them, and when they crossed over the facility threshold they had no idea they would also be crossing over to their deaths. Sara was confident she was being pranked when she heard the screams coming from within the building. She peered through the shattered glass window to see nothing but darkness, however, she could make out a sound apart from the screaming. It was a guttural, terrifying roar. It wasn't human, she thought.

She leaned in closer, and as she did she saw one of her fellow hikers crawling towards her. It was Mark. As he came towards the light Sara saw that his body had been ripped in two; everything below his waist was gone... Only a trail of blood followed, along with his disemboweled intestines, which snaked and bounced along the dirty floor as he crawled closer.

"Heh-heh-hell..." He stuttered. "Hell-puh. M-m-me."

All Sara could do was stare in horror. She offered her hand through the window to the dismembered man. Suddenly, two plumes of hot steam shot from the darkness behind him, followed by another one of those deep, horrifying grunts. Her arm shot back, cutting it on a glass shard jutting from the window frame.

"I'm so sorry," she whimpered as she backed away, "I-I have to go. I can't help you, I'm so sor-."

"NO!" Mark roared. "Puh-please, don't go!"

Sara, clutching her bloodied arm, ran all the way out of the Wicked Woods and onto the nearby road where she flagged down a driver. She was taken to a hospital, where she shared her stories with the nurses, who snickered to one-another as they left the room.

Sarahas shared her story with many, in attempts to have the facility searched by the authorities, but not a soul believes her.

Do you?

Will you prove her wrong?

What do you think?

The Forgotten Laboratory
Thrill Level

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Location in Park: 

River's Edge Picnic Grove

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