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Splashwater Falls

Splashwater Falls

It’s one thing to ride a wave, and another thing to be the wave!

Pile into the big boat and try to catch your breath while we crank you up to a breathtaking six stories in the air. You’re gonna need your wits for what’s coming next – a winding spin down a circular chute!

Your six-person mega-raft is the vehicle to adventure. It’s a dizzy-making, fast-paced swish down the brightly striped slide, twisting around in relentless snake-like coils. And while you’re rounding each bend, you’ll be spinning the whole way down! Crazy dips are whooshing you closer to the main event: the splash! And suddenly you’re not just riding the tidal wave, you are the tidal wave!

When you careen into the bottom of the hill, the massive splash is as tall as the sky. It roars over the boat in a tower of spray, and you better believe the water’s so high it will drench you and everything in sight. Oh, and don’t forget about the other riders firing water cannons at you as you helplessly cruise back to the station! With Splashwater Falls, you’re in for a real soaking.

By The Numbers

WhiteWater West

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Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

36" with adult.
48" to ride alone.
Location in Park: 

South End


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Could Get a Little Wet



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