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Glow in dark entrance to Slasher Circus 3D at Six Flags New England Fright Fest

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Slasher Circus 3D

Step right up! You won’t believe your eyes!

Freaks, fools and ghouls surround you as you travel around this sideshow of sickly sights!  Wearing special glasses, the effects of this strange attraction will surprise you around every corner!

The warped organ chimes could be heard cranking from over the hills. Beams of colorful lights broke through the fog calling from the distance for any curious and courageous folks to visit. With tickets in hand, Ed, Joe and Annalise eagerly pulled open the curtain and stepped inside the carnival tent.  

Immediately they were greeted by the ringmaster, whereupon the shrill shriek of his whistle, a line of crazy clowns paraded out to greet their new guests.  Although it seemed like a fun and comical time at first, as the trio ventured deeper amongst the alleys of freak performers, the scenes became more twisted and tragic. Ed could have sworn he saw the clown's smiles grow bigger and their teeth grow sharper, and Annalise said she could feel the walls closing in. Joe didn't think much of it, but he thought he could smell blood. The group collectively decided to turn back, opting to leave without a refund rather than continue any further. 

However, when they turned around there was nothing but a wall. No hallway. No alley. No exit. Panicked, they turned again, only to be confronted by another wall. Annalise began to scream, but before she could make a sound a gloved hand shot from behind to cover her mouth. A wicked laugh erupted from behind each of them, and then the lights went out.

By the end of the show, our friends have not necessarily chosen to run away with the circus, but the circus has definitely run away with them.

This attraction is sponsored by SNICKERS

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Slasher Circus 3D
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

River's Edge Picnic Grove

Additional Fee Required

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