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Polar Playland

Polar Playland is a whimsical destination tucked away in the realm of Ice and Snow. Here, lights of blue, purple, pink and white dance across an imaginative landscape of colorful displays. The aroma holiday cookies and marshmallows will embrace you as you walk through a forest of icicles and charming, silly penguins.

Krystal, the Princess of Polar Playground, was born during the worst blizzard anyone had ever seen. As soon as she was born, she raised her hands and calmed the snow. Her parents marveled when she started talking to penguins, polar bears, and other winter animals, making them her first friends. Now that she is older, she helps spread holiday cheer by blanketing Polar Playground with snow for forts and ice for skating. Sometimes, her flurries even blow over into nearby Snowflake Falls. Her best friend and constant companion, Jack Frost, can often be found adding his own flair to her winter scenes. The two of them prefer life with a chill in the air, reveling in the cold and sharing it with those around them. Jack can be meddlesome at times, but Krystal keeps him focused so that the two of them can share their winter wonderland with the rest of the park.

Stop by Center Stage to participate in Mrs. Claus’ Christmas Eve! It’s the most wonderful time to share a most wonderful tale. Mrs. Claus tells the story of her beloved pet reindeer as her two head elves, along with many audience volunteers help bring the tale to life on stage.   Many Christmas classics are blended together with puppets, singing, and plenty of holiday hilarity in this brand new show the whole family will enjoy!

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Polar Playland

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