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Guests riding Mind Eraser

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Mind Eraser

A mind is a terrible thing to erase.

Try to wrap your mind around the startling sight of a stunning bright red nest of rail towering in the sky. You’re about to strap into this steel inverted looping coaster, suspended from the track over your head, with your feet just dangling in the air below you. Then try to exhibit some mental control as you climb up a gnarly tangle of crimson track so twisted you won’t believe they can even get a roller coaster to run on it.

Now that your body is fully committed, your brain isn’t going to be much use to you, so you might as well turn it off and just hang on as you haul up to the top of the first 11 story hill. 

Right away you will plummet down a merciless 90 foot curve. Next is the heartline loop – a startling inversion in the shape of a heart.  Your brain and stomach will scramble as you flip head over heels, twice, in two seconds, at a pulse-pounding 50 miles per hour.

At a loss for words yet? How would you describe the sensation of flying through a half loop and a half corkscrew and pulsing out at a nearly vertical angle? We call it a “sidewinder.” But don’t worry your poor brain with that, because you’ll need all your focus to get through a seemingly endless pair of 360 degree rolls.

You seriously will have no idea which way is up and which way is down through this section of the track. Now what was it you were thinking?

The greatest contraption built by a mad scientist is ready to wipe your memory!

Mind Eraser features twists, flips, and turns as your feet dangle on this mind bending trip. You are invited to take a seat and relax, this experiment will only take a moment. When you return to the lab, your brain will feel brand new. And off you go….up 11 stories into the dark sky hoping lightning doesn’t strike twice.

Soon, you will plummet down 90 feet and back immediately up into an up-side down twist before diving right back to the ground. Focus on your feet in front of you as they dangle and try to keep up. As you continue to sway, swoop, and twist, you will feel your mind melt.

The confusion is normal and you won’t be sure which way is up or down, but this process is exactly how the best monsters have been created. Once you return after the last rounds of corkscrew spins, you will feel invigorated and ready to join the rest of our horde.

Minimum Height: 52″
Maximum Height: 78″

By The Numbers

Year Opened
Top Speed
55 MPH
109 Feet
Track Length
2260 Feet
96 Seconds

What do you think?

Mind Eraser
Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

78" maximum
Location in Park: 

South End

Goes Upside Down
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