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Six Flags New England
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Main Street Graveyard

In the early 1900s, after many years of wedded bliss, Thomas’ wife, Dianna, passed away. 

The doctors proclaimed her dead but Thomas wasn’t convinced… He insisted she was still alive and refused to leave his love. His protests grew so adamant, the orderlies had to pry him away kicking and screaming from his wife’s body.

Thomas visited her grave every day; never quite able to shake the feeling he should have done more in the hospital. Eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore. He took his rusty shovel and dug the six feet of earth separating him from his love. He held his breath and slowly opened the coffin. It creaked at the hinges but then sprung open on its own. His wife jolted up and lunged at her husband. She really had been buried alive but, rather than suffocate her, the graveyard transformed her into a monster.

She snapped her husband’s neck in one, bloody motion. Then she went to work freeing the rest of the ghouls, ghosts and monsters that have been trapped in the Main Street Graveyard for centuries.

Dianna’s new army of undead set forth to wreak havoc on the world of the living.

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Main Street Graveyard
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Main Street

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